I’m a writer. Becky Cochrane and I wrote THE DEAL together, as well as THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE by Cochrane Lambert. Together we co-edited an anthology, FOOL FOR LOVE: New Gay Fiction, which was published by Cleis Press in January of 2009. We’re currently co-editing another anthology for Cleis Press, which will be published soon.

I also helped write IT HAD TO BE YOU, HE’S THE ONE, I’M YOUR MAN, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, and WHEN YOU DON’T SEE ME with three friends under the pseudonym Timothy James Beck. My short stories have been anthologized in BEST GAY LOVE STORIES 2005 and BEST GAY LOVE STORIES: NYC Edition, as well as Lawrence Schimel’s THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW GAY EROTICA. Richard Labonte asked me to select stories and write the introduction for his BEST GAY EROTICA 2007 collection for Cleis Press. Selections from that collection are included with new commentary are included in BEST OF THE BEST GAY EROTICA 3, published in 2010.

I live in Houston, Texas, with my writing partner, Becky, and her husband, Mr. Becky. So far, I’ve yet to destroy their marriage.  My dogs are named Rexford G. Lambert, Pixie P. Lambert, and Penny D. Lambert.  Pixie and Penny were adopted from Scout’s Honor Rescue, an animal rescue located in Houston.

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  1. Roland strobel says:

    Happy birthday, Tim! I miss seeing you!

  2. Jim Adcock says:

    Hi Timothy.

    We haven’t talked in a long time. I have been a fan of your books since I found the first one several years ago. (not that we’re old). Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making my way through all of them again. Well… excepting the two that I loaned to friends and never got back. I’m up to ‘The Deal’. They are all as good as I remembered them if not better.

    When we talked before, I was doing dj work as DJ Chandler Adams. You may remember that name. Now I am co-owner of a Video Production company, Illusion Fields LLC., here in Dallas. We are working on three different independent films right now. One is a drama about an African American girl with HIV, called “Reunited”. The other two are horror films directed by Dallas’ Israel Luna (of “Ticked Off Trannies With Knives” fame) “The Ouija Experiment” due in the fall, and “Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus”, still in preproduction.

    I’d still love to turn some of your work into a film, but we’ll discuss that another time.

    I just wanted to contact you again to say again how much I love your work. I hope you have something new coming out soon. Say the word and I’m at the bookstore. I’d love to hear from you to see what is going on.

    Best of Wishes to you.

    Jim Adcock
    Illusion Fields LLC.
    Dallas, TX

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