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Welcome back to LJ Runway Monday!

Final Challenge, Part 2: Hi! I can’t believe this is it. It seems like just last week we were cobbling a dress together out of food products. LJ Runway has been a very fun experience, and I’d like to thank my fellow contestants and our judges for making this a very fun experience.

My final collection was a lot of fun to create. Heidi Gunn asked us to make five looks for our final collection. I thought about making a full collection–dresses, skirts, suits, formal, casual, the kit and kaboodle. But, as I thought about the past challenges, I decided that I’ve already shown that I can do pants, shorts, suits, and all that jazz. We didn’t really get to do a lot of dresses, or formal gowns. Not without using wacky materials, or other contingencies. So I decided to do a collection of dresses. I drew inspiration from my paintings. Particularly Untitled #1 and Untitled #2. Most of my paintings have colors trying to break through layers of dark paint. My LJ Runway collection brings this theme to fashion with layers of fabric acting as layers of paint on a canvas. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s my final collection:

View my competition: Mark’s collection and Becky’s collection. See what the judges have to say and voice your opinion about our designs on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

Final Challenge, Part 1 View here.

Dress Eleven View here.

Dress Ten View here. (I won!)

Dress Nine View here.

Dress Eight View here.

Dress Seven View here. (I won!)

Dress Six View here.

Dress Five View here.

Dress Four: View here. (I won!)

Dress Three: View here.

Dress Two: View here.

Dress One: View here. (I won!)

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44 Responses to bag it up

  1. marikanola says:

    Great collection! I see Tim all over this. I especially love the last look!

  2. dogrl says:

    I love the gowns and the special details like the netting in the slit for the first one and the red showing through for the third one!
    Everybody outdid themselves for this last challenge.

  3. markgharris says:

    You’ve made goddesses out of them! One of the things I’ve looked forward to over the weeks is how you tend to make people clothes in doll size, instead of doll clothes, if that makes any sense?

    The light touch and perfect proportions… and the theme of your collection all really shine and speak.

    Good luck, Timothy! : )

  4. I love the elegance of all your gowns. I was lucky enough to see some of them being made, and I’m amazed by how your concepts developed. Also I’m amazed because two of the looks are inspired by paintings I own, and seeing them side by side makes fun and art of fashion.

    As Julia Roberts said to Honey in Notting Hill, you are my style guru.

  5. tjbtimmy says:

    Superb! The collection is cohesive and so beautiful. I really love the black and white floral print gown.

  6. mary919 says:

    Verrrrrrry classy. I like the touches of color but think the first and last are the best. Love the understated wedding gown. Are those shells? Beach wedding?

    • Thanks, Mary. I always prefer understated wedding gowns. They’re not shells, but they kind of look like them from afar. They’re just simple metal beads. And you’re right, it would be a good beach wedding dress. =)

  7. scottynola says:

    I am speechless. Wow.

  8. davidpnyc says:

    Darling, could you please give us more details on the B&W floral print gown and the bead work on the wedding dress. It’s very impressive and I would love to know more.

    Speaking of impressive, have you seen my Oscars?

    title or description

    • The b/w floral print is a polyester/cotton blend. I don’t usually like to use blended fabrics, but I loved the print, and I hope I used it in a way that made it look like the finest silk print. After I finished sewing the gathers to give the dress it’s shape, I sewed a strand of pearls throughout the layers to give the illusion that the pearls are holding the dress up.

      The bead work on the wedding dress is little more than tiny strips of beaded lace running up the skirt and then a strip of small metal beads and tiny sequins around the hemline.

      Gee, your Oscars look terrific!

      • davidpnyc says:

        Thank you, darling. Unfortunately I have almost no time to admire them. Bette, Marilyn, Lana, and the rest are all keeping me very busy up here!

  9. geb1966ky says:

    These are amazing, Timothy. I agree with mark about your ability to make “people clothes in doll size.” I think I like the second gown the best.

  10. mdmedved says:

    Too much talent

    You simply have too much talent for one person. I think all of your designs were amazing. Is there anything you can’t do???


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