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Final Challenge, Part One: The designers on Bravo’s Project Runway are given the task, prior to leaving to create their collections, of creating a wedding dress that is representative of their collection. Tim Gunn visits the designers in their homes and advises them on their collections. When they return to New York, the designers are assigned a surprise task: in addition to the wedding dress, they will also be judged on an 11th look, a bridesmaid dress to go with it.

LJ Runway’s Heidi Gunn assigned us with the task of creating a wedding dress as part of our collections, but decided not to give us the bridesmaid dress challenge, since there are already three of us going into the final challenge. After making that proclamation, she sent Top Model Barbie to visit us in our respective work spaces and advise us on our work.

Hi, I’m Top Model Barbie. I’ve traveled to Houston in my Saturn hybrid to visit Timothy J. Lambert in his home, meet his family, and see his work space, so I can see how he’s doing with his collection.

Normally, this is where we’d see a long shot of me getting out of the car and walking up to Timothy’s door. However, I had to sign a stack of documents stating I wouldn’t disclose the location of Timothy’s domicile, otherwise known as The Compound. Nor could we photograph the exterior. Trust me when I say that The Compound is in a vast and glorious location, and the buildings are gorgeous works of architecture! At least, that’s what I’ve been told. The last thing I remember after getting out of my Saturn hybrid was somebody holding up a little gizmo to my face, a flash of light, and then…well, here we are in Timothy’s work room!

Barbie: Look, it’s Timothy’s muse, Top Model Nikki. Hi, Nikki!

Nikki: Hey girl. Have you seen my phone? This table’s a mess.

Barbie: Um, no. I just got here.

Nikki: Damn. Have you seen my sunglasses?

Barbie: They’re on your face.

Nikki: They are? Oh, so they are.

Barbie: Oh, look! Here comes Timothy. Hi, Timothy!

Timothy: Hi, Barbie! Thanks for coming. It’s good to see you.

Barbie: It’s good to see you, too.

Timothy: Speaking of seeing, have you seen my glasses?

Barbie: Um, no. I just–

Nikki: Here they are! They were under the plaid swatch.

Timothy: Thanks, Nikki!

Nikki: Have you seen my phone?

Timothy: No.

Nikki: Damn.

Barbie: So, Timothy, talk to me. How have you been?

Timothy: Great!

Barbie: What a great space. Although, it’s a bit chaotic. What’s with all the chairs?

Timothy: That’s so Nikki can stand in the center of the table and I can sit and view what I’m working on from any angle.

Nikki: There’s a chair for every one of his personalities.

Barbie: Interesting. Saturn hybrid! Can I see what you’ve done?

Timothy: No.

Barbie: No? Why not?

Timothy: I haven’t actually done anything. But it’s all in my head.

Barbie: What? In your head? That’s not really doing either of us any good, Timothy. I came here to offer you my expertise, but I can’t do that if–

Nikki: Stop hassling him! You can’t rush brilliance, Barbie.

Timothy: Don’t sweat it, Nikki.

Barbie: (holding up white fabric somewhat stitched together) What’s this?

Timothy: It’s the beginning of the wedding dress.

Barbie: So I suppose it’s safe for me to say it’s going to be made out of white silk?

Timothy: (beaming) Yes!

Nikki: The boy is good.

Barbie: (sighs) Right. Well…uh…carry on. Can I meet your family?

Timothy: They live in Maine.

Barbie: Oh. Can I drive you in my Saturn hybrid to see your friends?

Timothy: No, thanks. I hate to leave the house. Let’s go out to the patio.

Barbie: Okay. Wow. What a lovely patio.

Timothy: Nikki and I spend a lot of time out here, hanging out, waiting for inspiration to hit.

Barbie: I see.

Nikki: Sometimes we’ll work out here for hours.

Timothy: And hours.

Barbie: So there’s nothing tangible from your collection that I can–

Nikki: Hey, here’s my phone!

Barbie: Anything? Not even a blouse?

Timothy: No. But I swear I have it all planned out. I have my fabrics, my inspiration, and the designs are all in my head.

Barbie: I suppose that’s something. Look, Timothy, you’re an excellent designer and I have faith that you’ll pull it off in time. Just make sure you impress the judges. Bring it.

Nikki: You bring it, bitch!

Barbie: Get her away from me!

Timothy: Nikki…

See Barbie’s visits with my competition: Mark G. Harris and Becky Cochrane.

Here’s a video that Becky produced which showcases all of our designs for LJ Runway this season:

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  1. Wow, The Compound has never looked so fab.

  2. markgharris says:

    What’s in your head, in your he-e-ead… I got a Cranberries earworm you wouldn’t believe right now, Timothy.

    I’m looking forward to your collection like gangbusters. : )

  3. geb1966ky says:

    Very Coo, Timothy. Looking forward to seeing what’s in your head.

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