rip her to shreds

Welcome back to LJ Runway Monday!

Dress Eleven: The designers on Bravo’s Project Runway were given the task of designing for each other. The looks were to be inspired by different genres of music. The designers wore their outfits down the runway; the models were not used for this challenge.

LJ Runway’s Heidi Gunn challenged us to design for each other’s models. The looks were to be inspired by different genres of music. Heidi Gunn selected model assignments and music genres. Which meant I was assigned to design a punk look for Figaro.

Here’s what I created.

About the design: When I think of punk, I think of the late 1970s to early 1980s. I like the DIY fashion of that era, and the ripped, shredded, aggressive look of the clothes then. I wanted to create a hybrid of New York and London punk glamour and bring it into today.

First, I created a tube dress from a piece of printed black silk. Unfortunately, it was too small. Fortunately, punk rock is all about ripping, so I tore the seam open and enlarged it by using duct tape. Unsure of how short I wanted the dress, I started cutting the silk to test lengths. Then I started liking the look of the holes in it. Then I turned it upside down and liked the idea of a vented chest piece, so I reconstructed the back with more duct tape and added hooks and eyes for closures. Then I found a leftover piece of stars and stripes fabric from the Olympics challenge and used it with some red fabric ribbon to make a sort of USA bikini top, which would be seen through the vented top of the dress. To finish off the look, I wound some wire around Figaro’s wrist to make a bracelet, and selected red stockings, black heeled boots, and gold earrings from the accessory wall.

Figaro: Oh my God, Mark! Like, look what he did to my hair! B-to-the-ig!

Timothy: (Hissing between clenched teeth.)Shut up! Let the judges talk.

View my competition: Mark’s design and Becky’s design. See what the judges have to say and voice your opinion about our designs on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

And now a word from Heidi Gunn: Are you an avid follower of Runway Mondays? Have you ever screamed “NO!!!!” when the judges announced the winner–leaving your favorite designer out in the cold? Which Runway Monday designer was a cut above the rest? Here’s your chance to play judge! Between now and October 7th vote for the contestant you loved most! The Designer who receives the most votes will win a fabulous surprise. How do you vote? Just send an email to to let us know who your favorite designer is, and why. One vote per person please!

Update: The judges have spoken and declared Becky the winner of this challenge!

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36 Responses to rip her to shreds

  1. Figaro rocks the punk look! From her hair (mercy!) to her feet–this look has humor and edge and has totally transformed Figaro into Figaramone. Anarchy on the runway!

  2. markgharris says:

    A bracelet! I knew I’d forget something just right, like that!

    You really got in tune with the vibe, here, Timothy. It’s aggressive, torn and has that nihilistic attitude, yet it looks “today” if that makes sense. Your color scheme is extraordinary, too. Good luck!

    Poor Figaro’s hair!

  3. marikanola says:

    you did NOT make heidi miss Germany

    I’m not a fan of punk – but I would be, just for that outfit

  4. gavinatlas says:

    This is perfect. She’s a total Mtv video vixen. Mary Gaitskill has a book where her main character is a model. She has to stomp around in a video stopping crime in a saloon with kicks from her boots while the fat members of the band saunter in with their potato chips. I think if the book is made into a movie, Figaro should play the lead and feature this outfit.

  5. geb1966ky says:

    Very Hot, Timothy!!

  6. davidpnyc says:

    Great look Tim, I love the colors. And the hair! Hopefully Figaro will share her thoughts on the look with us soon. ;)

  7. smoness says:

    So, if Figaro gets cold and nipps… what constellation would that make, I wonder?

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