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Welcome back to LJ Runway Monday!

Dress Nine: The designers on Bravo’s Project Runway were paired with a designer voted off from a previous episode. The teams of two designers were challenged to design a look based on one of the team member’s zodiac sign.

LJ Runway’s Heidi Gunn challenged us to design a look based on our model’s zodiac sign. Nikki’s birthday is June 19, which makes her a Gemini.

Here’s what I created.

About the design: Gemini is commonly known as being the sign of the twins, which means most people associate a Gemini as having two or more personalities. Some people think of this as being a negative, but it was a huge inspiration for my design. I wanted to make an outfit that could be worn many ways for many occasions. I wanted my design to be adaptable, playful, experimental, mercurial, and dualistic, which are other Gemini traits.

For my “two looks in one” design, I started by selecting a vibrant yellow silk fabric that I felt was playful and chic. From this I made a backless dress trimmed with black ribbon that ties in the back. (I didn’t photograph it this way, because there are already too many photos here, but you could also tie it around the neck, if you wanted to.) Gemini is the last sign in Spring, so this would be a good transition dress going from Spring into Summer.

Then, I paired the yellow print with sheets of black and made a full skirt with four panels that can be maneuvered depending on the wearer’s mood. The yellow panels can be worn over the black, or the black can be worn over the yellow. Either way creates a contrast that I think is interesting and fun.

Wearing the skirt over the dress creates a dynamic and attention grabbing design, which any Gemini can wear and appreciate.

Timothy: Do you feel as though my design represents your sign, Nikki?

Nikki: Hell yeah, it’s totally representing. I always dress to fit my mood. And, sometimes I wear two, three, or four outfits on a given day! So an outfit like this that I could wear lots of ways would be great, especially if I’m going from a job to dinner, or a party. I could have a lot of fun with this outfit.

Timothy: That’s cool. Thanks!

Nikki: Can I keep this?

Timothy: Pay me.

Nikki: Do you do layaway?

Timothy: (rolls eyes)

View my competition: Mark’s design and Becky’s design. See what the judges have to say and voice your opinion about our designs on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

Update: The judges have spoken and declared Becky the winner. Congratulations, Becky!

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34 Responses to gemini dream

  1. rhondarubin says:

    …but you could also tie it around the neck, if you wanted to.

    And who hasn’t wanted to tie something around a model’s neck at one time or another? Tightly.

  2. geb1966ky says:

    I really like the final look a lot!!

  3. marikanola says:

    so your saying that it’s also a CAPE.

  4. treebreeze says:

    I was admiring this outfit, studying the photos and then WOW…I get to the last two, and suddenly it’s a whole different look. Very Impressive!

    The print is so a Gemini as well.

  5. davidpnyc says:

    I love this print, and the color looks fantastic on her. The shorter dress is to die for!

  6. mary919 says:

    I love the short dress. The pattern in the fabric is symmetrical in the short dress and so the sides mirror each other and carry on the Gemini theme. But then the paisley is sideways on the butt cape skirt– I find that distracting. But the butt cape maneuverable skirt is an interesting concept.

  7. markgharris says:

    Seeing this from conception, during the making, and completion, was great, watching the process and how stunning it turned out. I think it’s ingenious, Timothy. I like what Mary says about the symetry of the yellow silk’s print– I didn’t notice that before! Nice cutting! : )

  8. Loving that yellow paisley and that lace up the back–fab! Also, as I know well, Gemini goes beyond twins, so I admire that instead of sticking with two looks, you created what could be three or more looks. Good luck!

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