there’s a spy (in the house of love)

Welcome back to LJ Runway Monday!

Dress Eight: On Bravo’s Project Runway the designers visited Diane von Furstenberg’s showroom and were shown DVF’s look book for her Fall 2008 collection, which was inspired by the movie A Foreign Affair, starring Marlene Dietrich. Dietrich’s character is a chanteuse who may be a spy during World War II, and she travels from Berlin to Shanghai to New York. The designers were given access to Von Furstenberg’s fabrics and told to use them for a look that would fit the theme of the collection.

LJ Runway’s Heidi Gunn asked us to complete the same challenge, but with a twist: We wouldn’t have access to DVF’s fabric store room.
Here’s what I created.






About the design: I was inspired by the idea of my model, Nikki, in Dietrich’s role as a glamorous night club singer. I found a wonderful silver lame and cotton polka dot print for the dress, and the same fabric in black. Torn between the two fabrics, I decided to use them both; silver for a form fitted gown, and black for a jacket with short puffed sleeves. I also made a black belt and a slim silver clutch perfect for holding dark lipstick, poisoned powder, and a dagger.

Nikki: This outfit is the bomb!

Timothy: Thank you.

Nikki: I feel like a spy/singer in a club when I’m wearing it. Maybe I’ll record an album.

Timothy: Can you sing?

Nikki: Hell yeah. And I play the oboe.

Timothy: The oboe?

Nikki: You got something against the oboe?

Timothy: No, of course not. Don’t cut me!

View my competition: Mark’s design and Becky’s design. See what the judges have to say on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

Update: The judges have spoken. Congratulations to Mark G. Harris and Figaro for this week’s win!

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52 Responses to there’s a spy (in the house of love)

  1. Absolutely dazzling! Good luck!

  2. markgharris says:

    What’s funny is how you, Becky and I all went with black-and-white. What’s not funny is how seriously hot your outfit for this week is. I can’t decide if this belongs on the silver screen or on the red carpet outside the premiere. Beautiful.

  3. markgharris says:

    Hey, thanks for that look book link. I saw a lot of attention to details in your design, like the belt worn outside of the jacket. I think Diane would love you this week. : )

  4. tjbtimmy says:

    ooh la la! Shiny. Pretty. I love it!

  5. mary919 says:

    I’m not crazy about that fabric, but the dress is very sexy and you prove once again that you’re a tailoring god with that jacket. I’m afraid it may be Mark’s week :) but good luck!

  6. geb1966ky says:

    I’m lovin’ the jacket!!

  7. risingtofall says:

    That jacket is impeccable! out of curiosity, where of those three locations do you see her performing in this? And where does that bow come from? Is it flattened under the jacket or detachable?

    • I’m glad you like the jacket. Thanks!

      There are two straps on the one side of the dress, on the front and back, which are longer and are tied to make the bow.

      This is a modern interpretation, and I haven’t seen the movie, so I didn’t really design with a specific locale in mind. But if she was performing in one of those three locales, I’d probably say she was in Berlin or New York. She might be showing too much shoulder for Shanghai. =)

  8. davidpnyc says:

    This is gorgeous, Tim, the jacket is simply stunning. Nikki looks confident and beautiful, a true femme fatale!

  9. dogrl says:

    Wow. Beautiful job on that, Tim.

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