blue denim

Welcome back to LJ Runway Monday!

Dress Seven: On Project Runway the designers had to create an outfit any of the materials that are used to make a Saturn hybrid car.

Moments before evacuating from New Orleans in a car that’s not a Saturn hybrid, Heidi Gunn issued the same challenge to us for LiveJournal Runway. I don’t have a Saturn hybrid either, but I did manage to ransack a 1984 Subaru hatchback. This is what I created…

About the design: Peeling away the interior fabric from the roof of the car left me with a material that was like a stretchy tan ultrasuede on one side and denim on the other. I also grabbed a seat cover and managed to wrench off a taillight cover before the owner of the car started shooting at me.

Using these materials, I created a stretch denim flat front pant for Nikki using the “denim” side of the interior fabric. With the leftover material, I used the tan ultrasuede side to make a bustier top. Then I made a vest from the shearling seat cover and lined it with the ultrasuede. With the leftover scraps I made a purse, decorated with a star crafted from the taillight cover.

Nikki: This design is hip casual cool. I really like the star, because–

Timothy: Because you’re a star. We know.

Nikki: Yeah, that’s true. But I was going to say it’s very reflective, and it would make me feel safe at night.

Timothy: While walking the streets?

Nikki: Don’t make me cut you.

View my competition: Mark’s design and Becky’s design. See what the judges have to say on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

Update: The judges have spoken. Nikki and I won. Yay!

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38 Responses to blue denim

  1. Applause and lots of it! Nikki rocks the runway, as usual.

  2. markgharris says:


    Timothy, this is 5-star stunning. That bustier is perfect. Pants? I need to pick your brains on how the hell pants are made.

    Pity my safety pins dress is going to rule the day (I can dream…).

  3. beachin says:

    Whoa! Amazing! You got this one!

  4. geb1966ky says:

    I really like the vest and bustier. As with Becky’s, this is my favorite of yours yet!!

  5. davidpnyc says:

    Tim, this is outstanding! I don’t even know where to begin! But I know this! I’m going to keep using exclamation points in my comments!!!!! Because this design deserves nothing less!

    The vest in fabulous! And the lining! Fabulous! But the bag! THE BAG! You could put that up on the wall tomorrow! I bet they’d be selling knock-off copies of your design on the street in a heartbeat!

    This is one of my favorite designs of the entire competition! I LOVE IT! I WANT TO MARRY IT! I WANT TO BUY A TIME-SHARE WITH IT IN BOCA!

    Fantastic job!

  6. dogrl says:

    Too cute!!
    It’s going to be a hard week for judging!

  7. mary919 says:

    Wow. You’re becoming like a tiny little tailor. I mean– not that you’re tiny, but your tailoring is. This is so well fitted. I love the heart neckline, love the pants, want the bag. The vest is a little poufy, but still nicely cut. Really nice work.

  8. asterapallas says:

    I was offline for awhile and wanted to catch up with your designs…

    This one, in particular, is great!

    I want the pants and bustier.
    The ensemble would not look that way on me ~ even if the outfit were in my size (more’s the pity…)



    My gosh.
    I want them!!!

    This design of yours is my favourite (so far) of all of your designs!

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