shut the door

I’ve mentioned before how the real places and people that the Timothy James Beck writers include in our works of fiction always seem to vanish forever. Last night Mr. Becky went to Ming’s–which Becky and I used for a scene in THE DEAL–to pick up our dinner, only to find it closed. He said there was a sign in the window. However, unlike our novel, the sign didn’t explain that Ming’s was closed for a party. Instead, it urged people to visit their Austin location. I love Ming’s wings, but I’ll be damned if I’m going all the way to Austin for them.

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16 Responses to shut the door

  1. Quick, add John McCain commercials to one of your works.

  2. dukecityjim says:

    You just have to write about places you’d like to see close instead of places you like.

  3. Ming’s can’t be closed!!! I’m glad I ate there a few ago.

  4. geb1966ky says:

    “Ming’s wings”

  5. mary919 says:

    Mr. Becky!

  6. WHAT?!?!?

    Okay, let’s go over the process as I taught it to Lynne.

    Post 1: Ming’s is on the roof.
    Post 2: We can’t get Ming’s down.
    Post 3: Ming’s fell off the roof.
    Post 4: Ming’s is in the hospital.
    Post 5: In critical condition.
    Post 6: Ming’s didn’t make it.

  7. scottynola says:

    What? No more Merciless Chinese food? Say it isn’t so!!!

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