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Dress Six: On Project Runway, the designers were introduced to famous drag queens and asked to design a look based on their client’s persona, needs, and ideas.

LJ Runway’s Heidi Gunn asked the Runway Monday designers to get to know our drag queen and create a look for her to wear. My Runway Monday model, Nikki, suggested that I design for one of my favorite drag queens, Brenda Li, a performer at Disorient XPress in the Timothy James Beck novel He’s The One.

About the design: Brenda Li (aka Joseph Stoyanovich) is a country singing kabuki queen at Disorient XPress. Her favorite singer is Brenda Lee. She likes silk and denim, karaoke and football, and pancakes with bacon. The dress I made for Brenda Li is made with blue denim skirt and shoulder ruffle and raw pale blue silk bodice. I took a seam ripper to the hem of the dress and the petticoats beneath, because Brenda Li likes to be rough around the edges. Her wild wig is accessorized with two silver fans.

Nikki: I love watching Brenda Li perform. She’s hot.

Brenda Li: Thanks, dollface. Can I get you anything? Tea? A gimlet? Ham on rye?

Nikki: No, thank you.

Brenda Li: How ’bout you, hon?

Timothy: Got any pickles for my dog?

Brenda Li: Sweet? Dill? Sliced? Whole? Kosher?

Timothy: Shh! They’re judging.

Brenda Li: They always are, hon.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

View my competition: Mark’s design and Becky’s design. See what the judges have to say on Heidi Gunn’s LJ.

Update: The judges announced the winner. Congratulations, Becky!

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38 Responses to dynamite

  1. geb1966ky says:

    Is there a particular country diva who influences Brenda Li’s fashion choices?

    • chas_lou says:

      I’m thinking she could could use a little more Porter Wagner….

    • “Is there a particular country diva who influences Brenda Li’s fashion choices?”

      Not really. Brenda Li told me that the majority of the staff at Disorient XPress wear kimono inspired drag, and she’s trying to get away from that. She told me to think “Dolly Parton dressed by a geisha warrior princess with half the boobage.” I wasn’t sure if she meant the geisha had half the boobage of Dolly, or the other way around, but I went with this and Brenda Li was happy.

  2. ruggerguy7 says:

    I fucking love that you one of your characters showed up.

  3. markgharris says:

    Those fans are killer! I wish I’d thought of that, but they’re really apropos for Brenda Li (whose name always makes me chuckle).

    You’ve always got a great sense of proportion. I knew from the silhouette photo that this was going to look to scale and attentive. And I love the seam-ripped accents… Kung Pow meets Country & Western!

  4. risingtofall says:

    I love the hair and fans! I would so love to see Branda Li drag show.

  5. Debby wants me to tell you she saw Brenda Li at the VFW one night.

    Woohoo, Brenda Li! This is a totally new look for her. Good luck!

    • Brenda Li: That’s right, doll face. I’m a veteran of love. Love is a battlefield. But I haven’t met a decent man since Eisenhower was in office. Did that comment date me, hon? I hope so, because nothing else will. I haven’t had a decent date since I was in that men’s room in Idaho. I don’t like dates anyway. Figs I like. Apricots, not so much. What was I talking about? Can I get you anything, doll face? A boiler maker? Mint Julep? Candied yams?

  6. davidpnyc says:

    Wow, this is a very strong design, Tim. (And Brenda Li looks great in it, too!) I kind of wish she had on some sort of footwear (and maybe some make-up on her face?), but overall it’s an interesting look.

  7. rhondarubin says:

    My lord, please have Brenda stand a little to the left. She’s interfering with my cell phone reception. Whew. Thanks.

    So, what happens with the shoulder ruffle if Brenda makes a sweeping arm gesture upward? Is there a bodice reveal? If so, may we see it?

    • Timothy: The ruffles move with her arms, but they only swing in one direction.

      Brenda Li: You can say it, doll. I’m an old model. It’s fine.

      Timothy: The ruffle can come off, but I didn’t photograph it that way. I’ve already removed the dress and returned the doll to Becky’s collection. If you have to mark me down for that, fine.

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