trapped in the drive-thru

I got back from a Jack In The Box run. I was kind of hungry because not only did I clean L____’s house today, but I spent an evening crafting with Becky, Lindsey, Rhonda, and Mr. Becky. I wish I could say what we made, but it was top secret craftiness. There was a creative energy in the air that I haven’t felt since kindergarten. I’m glad Becky broke out the craft boxes tonight. Good times.

While I was scrubbing behind L____’s guest toilet today I got to thinking about all the people who have written and asked me when the next Timothy James Beck book is coming out. I thought I should probably address it here and say publicly what I’ve told those people in email. Which is to say that I have no idea. I’m sure that doesn’t seem worthy of public mention, but it is because saying that compels me to finally put the ideas that have been forming in my head into an email, send them to my co-writers, and then say, “Is this a start of something? Is it worth turning into a book and, if not, any ideas on how we can build on it?”

Thinking about a plot for a book, cleaning, being crafty and having fun with my friends, it made me hungry. So I went to Jack In The Box, as I said, and I have to ask if I’m the only one who can go to the drive-through at any hour of the night and always get stuck behind a huge line of cars? There’s a big curve in the drive-though line and it always looks as though nobody’s there, but when I get around the bank of the curve there’s always four of five cars ahead of me. I took Rex with me tonight, so at least I had him to talk to while I waited. I almost put the car in reverse, because I didn’t want to wait, but the minute I looked behind me, someone else pulled in so I couldn’t leave. Bastard. After what seemed like forever, I got my food, my huge Sprite, and I got the hell out of there. I got three sips out of my soda and it wasn’t until the last turn onto our street, mere yards from the drive to The Compound, that my soda tipped out of the cup holder and dumped all over the floor of the passenger side, which has never happened to me before. I was furious for about a minute, which was enough for Rex to think he did something wrong, which in turn made me feel bad. But, on the upside, while I was scrubbing the floor of the car later and hosing down the floor mat, I figured out how I could work the whole thing into my book idea.


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  1. OMG–you’ve had a rough week with car stains, haven’t you?

    Of course, I can NEVER hear a story like this without thinking of that large McDonald’s Coke turning over in Jet when the car was four months old and I was in freaking Las Cruces, exhausted and starving–and that was the moment when Jim called to see if I’d stopped for the night, whereupon he had to talk me through my total meltdown.

    Good times!

  2. geb1966ky says:

    Jack in the Box and a huge Sprite that late?? I’d be up all night. LOL

  3. dogrl says:

    The places I usually drive through have a clear view of the line, so I know just to go inside to order.
    My luck is usually that the person in front of me orders the whole damn menu after much thought and debate and questioning of exactly what is on each sandwich.

    • That’s exactly what happened last night. When I was finally next to order the person in front of me took For-Ev-Er! I’d go inside to order, but I’m almost always there past the time when they’re closed, so the drive-through is the only thing open.

  4. smoness says:

    I feel ya on the creative energy… last night ruled. I had an absolute blast. I’m thinking we need to do a remix of that sometime soon…

  5. markgharris says:

    Congratulations on having an idea! My well is fucking dry, lately. I get these little glimmers that in the light of day look like nada. Frustrating…

    • I’ve been sitting on the idea for ages. Plus, I have the knowledge that three other people might be able to push it even further. Although, that can also be intimidating at times.

  6. markgharris says:

    …oh, and that video like this entry was quite compelling. I like it when someone can make mundane (not a negative word!) details become as riveting as War And Peace. : )

    • I found that video a few weeks ago and last night, after the soda dumped all over the car floor, I thought, At least I can finally use that Weird Al video now.

  7. Sometimes the comments on youtube slay me. This time: “bitch eat the liver!!!”

  8. When you don’t see me

    I just finished “When you don’t see me” for the second time. It was the first TJB book I read. I liked Dennis Fagen. I am REALLY hoping he’ll be in the next book.

    I have to say that the friendship with Roberto and Nick moved me in a way that few books do. I read so much it always catches me off guard when something settles on my heart. It was like a rope held something tight in my chest and pulled slightly. A strange yet good feeling. Thank you for that, my best friend was alive again, if even for a short time.

    • Re: When you don’t see me

      May I jump in here to say thank you for your comments about the novel? I’m very sorry about the loss of your best friend, and if Nick and Roberto gave you any comfort, that’s a lovely and moving thing to hear.

    • Re: When you don’t see me

      I’m glad you enjoyed WYDSM so much, and that it inspired such feelings within you. Thank you for letting us know. Messages like this definitely compel us to keep writing.

  9. tjbtimmy says:

    mmmmmmmm Jack in the Box

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