There’s a long running joke between the Timothy James Beck writers that anyone and anything we write about will cease to exist after our books are published. It’s somewhat eerie that The Big Cup, Crossroads Books and Market, Lobo, Anna Nicole Smith, Don Knotts, the Gulf Coast of Mississippi…closed, gone, damaged, etc., and we mentioned them in various books. And that’s an impartial list. Coincidence? Yes. We take no responsibility. In chapter two (Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday) of THE DEAL Becky and I wrote a scene where Aaron and Alexander go to the YMCA in downtown Houston, whereupon Alexander meets “Blue Shorts” and whacky mayhem ensues. Today I see this headline on my Google homepage: Landmark downtown YMCA to soon face demolition

Another one bites the dust.

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  1. AIIIIIGH! They couldn’t have told me this before they tacked on ANOTHER $15/month to an already-high fee for a facility we can’t use?

    I wish the YWCA in the Heights would hurry the hell up and reopen as a new YMCA.

    • They’re building a new downtown facility, so now you know why they jacked up the fee. Because it’s going to cost more than fifty million to build. Even though it would cost half that to save the old building. If I had fifty million, I’d buy the YMCA, restore it, and then turn it into the River Memorial Animal Hospital and Scout’s Honor Rescue Building.

  2. auntaberta says:


    1. Scary power…

    2. Please don’t write about me in any of your books…

    • Re: hmmmmmmm

      Usually people say, “You should write about my life,” and then proceed to tell us all about themselves. Our standard reply is, “You would write your life better than we ever could,” but now I think we should say, “Are you sure? You’ll die, if we do.”

      We’ll try not to write about you.

  3. geb1966ky says:

    So, with this power, why haven’t you written about George Bush lonnnng agao????

  4. markgharris says:

    The common denominator[s] is/are you and Becky. When someone or something bites it in one of your short stories or her Coventry novels, I’ll know whom to fear. I suspect Becky. Tina Yothers is still with us, and if I’m not mistaken you’re the one who includes her, right?

  5. markgharris says:

    P.S. I’ve never seen the movie your clip comes from; it looks sweet!

  6. rhondarubin says:

    I saw the headline in The Comical this morning and didn’t read the story. So…does Chevron need a parking garage?

    Damn. My car is in The Deal. It has to last me at least another two years!

    • I read up until the part where they said they’re razing the site and holding it in case they need the space in the future. So they’re tearing down the YMCA just because, I guess. Bastards.

  7. Adding to your list: the Screening Room in Manhattan, Wild Earth Herbs, Milton Berle, Crostinis restaurant…

  8. marikanola says:

    So you are responsible for the death of Don Knotts? Timothy, I LOVED him…

  9. scottynola says:

    It is truly an awesome power.

    I wrote about Kaldi’s, my favorite coffee shop in the Quarter, in my first book. Gone! I wrote about levee failure in my second; that one goes without saying. I don’t even want to think about what else I’ve been responsible for.

  10. Suggestion — don’t ever try the sci-fi genre and write about a writer who causes the demise of people and places by writing about them. Thanks, I needed something to cheer up my day.

  11. n8an says:

    You need to feature the Republican party. Stat.

    • I don’t think that would work, because it’s the places and people we’ve written about in a loving and respectful manner that have closed or ceased to exist. Our tributes seem to backfire. And, actually, we did write about the 2001 election in THE DEAL, though it wasn’t exactly a respectful tribute.

      • n8an says:


        So we need a respectful target eh? Damn. This is like my short-out-electronics ability. What’s the point if you can’t aim it right? ;)

  12. davidpnyc says:

    Hey, they killed Kenny!


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