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If you haven’t seen it already, check out Mark G. Harris’ 12 question for writers. Mark asks 6 writers (myself included) for answers to these probing questions:

1) How much importance do you place on The First Sentence, both in your work and in the works that inspired you?

2) With everything there is in a scene to keep track of– continuity, building suspense, maintaining the motivations for every individual character, making descriptions serve and sparkle, making dialogue inventive, fresh and “the way people talk,” etc.– how do you keep track of it all? Do you anticipate and plan ahead? Fix it all in rewrites? Somehow do it in medias res, and move on without returning?

3) Maybe because it’s mandatory that we’re taught to read and write (unlike being taught composing or sculpting, or whatever), many idle and wish to write and perhaps dabble. What slingshot you into seriousness?

4) What are some lessons, looking back, that you “needed to learn?”

5) Do you intentionally devise a sentence that will cause a reader to stop and reflect? likewise, one that causes a reader to read on to the next sentence, paragraph, page?

6) What have your experiences with literary rejection given you, in return?

7) People who’ve read your work and praised it…does it affect what you write, next?

8) Have you ever surprised yourself?

9) Do you envision a reader you intend to read an individual work of yours? Who is she, or he?

10) What has a scathing review done to your soft writer-parts?

11) If you wouldn’t mind, Google this guy: portrait of Charles-Joseph-Laurent Cordier, by Ingres. Could you please write a brief description of him, his looks, his mood, any quirks you suspect him of, and whatnot? (I’m wanting to see comparative approaches to the same subject, as well as examples of flair-attack.)

12) Finally, what’s one thing you adore that readers do for/to you?

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  1. scottynola says:

    Glad to see you posting again. Becky however is dead to me. ;)

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