this day last year

Happy Anniversary, Lindsey and Rhonda.

With love,
“The Wedding Bitch

P.S., Sugar’s fine.

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20 Responses to this day last year

  1. _jandy_ says:

    SUPER CUTE picture :)

  2. I still love this photo. What a happy night.

  3. markgharris says:

    I like how fun this photo looks. Very nice. Thanks for showing it, again!

  4. markgharris says:

    (Great video! I don’t know The Panics.)

  5. rhondarubin says:

    We love that photo! You were very instrumental in making that the happiest day of our lives.

    Bangkok (hee hee) is awesome…so far…from the hotel. Can’t wait to explore.

    More love to Sugar from us…and to all of you.

  6. smoness says:

    Awww… I SO love that photo… and you. :) You helped make that the best day ever.

  7. I can’t believe it has been a year already.

    That photo is priceless.

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