you know i couldn’t last

Seeing this information, as well as this, has bothered me for days. Periodically I post some of the questions that people ask me via email. Although I’ve tagged this feature as FAQ, I’ve never posted the most frequently asked question, which would be this:“I live in _____, where can I buy your books?” You can fill in that blank with nearly any location in the world. Before I answer I do my best to research their location to see if I can direct the reader to a glbt bookstore. If there isn’t one, I’ll try to find an independently owned bookstore. If there isn’t one, I’ll direct them to a chain store, but also add a link to an indie store that might ship to them. As a last resort I’ll refer them to our publisher. Unfortunately, I’ll have a difficult time referring readers to Lambda Rising from now on.

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  1. brentnyc says:

    I didn’t recognize you with the long hair and beard.

    I have tried to support GLBT book stores and businesses for years, but sometimes the service is really bad, almost like they think we owe them the business no matter how bad the treat the customer and how much they charge.

    One coffee shop/bookstore in Houston even refused to support GLBT non-profits. The owner was an absolute jerk to customers. They are closed now. Not sure why they closed. I heard they changed locations and moved into the burbs.

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