it’s oh so quiet

Pardon my silence during the last few days, but I’m still feeling fairly woozy. Sometimes staring at the little words on my laptop screen makes my head want to explode, or if I get too involved in a task my stomach says You. Settle down, Buster Brown. Which is ironic, because I’m thinking the same thing. After feeling achy and nauseated for so long, it’s wearing on my sanity. You can only tell the voices in your head and your internal organs “Everything’s fine, shut up” for so long before you start to think you’re lying, too.

But, I hate whiners and I don’t want to be one, so, I’d rather take my own advice and shut up about it.

However, I did get an amazing care package from Greg. A big box of motivation to feel good again. Thanks, Greg. =)

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