i can’t go for that (no can do)

On Saturday night Rex sat beneath my desk, panting and agitated, and I thought, Oh crap. It’s going to rain, because that’s what he does when a storm is coming. It was close enough to bedtime that I let him out, brushed my teeth, let him back in and put him in his crate. (Ever since the biting/snapping incident Rex has been spending nights in his crate, because I feel like he won’t learn anything if he follows the rules by day and does whatever the hell he wants to when I’m asleep. He’s like a teenager. They should be caged.) I took a book to bed and I read, I kept noticing him acting restless in his crate, laying down, getting up, turning around, laying down, sitting up, staring at me while panting.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said and waited for a clap of thunder. And waited. And waited.

An hour later Rex threw up in his crate. There was a big smell, absolutely revolting, like week old garbage rotting in the sun. I cleaned it up before he could eat it again, threw his blanket in the wash, and then got him a new blanket for his crate. He was still agitated and panting so I took him outside in case he had to vomit again. Instead, he seemed to have to poop really badly. But nothing came out. He looked at his butt in disdain and tried again. Nothing. He tried rimming himself, but that didn’t seem to help either, so we went back inside. He went back in his crate. I went back to bed. And then he threw up again. After cleaning it up I sent Becky an email asking if she’d come over in the morning when she woke up to check on Rex, which she did five hours later. I remember sitting up and saying something. I’d like to think I asked her to look after him, or something similarly responsible, before I fell asleep again.

A few hours later I made breakfast and found Rex laying on the bathroom floor. Having been there myself on many occasions, I left him alone. After breakfast we went outside and he tried to poop again to no avail. He seemed really disappointed in his butt’s lack of cooperation. We went back inside and he promptly threw up. I talked with Becky and she told me how he threw up in her house and pooped nothing but watery liquid outside. After discussing our options, we loaded the Discover card and Rex into the car and spent most of the day at the emergency veterinarian.

Rex was poked, prodded, weighed, had his temperature taken, had x rays taken, and received two enemas and didn’t bite one person at the clinic, I’m very proud to say. I’m also amazed that after the two enemas, he still hasn’t pooped. He’s very constipated, for some reason. I bought a can of pumpkin (not pie mix, just mashed canned pumpkin) because it’s supposed to be good for dogs with diarrhea or constipation. Unfortunately, Rex doesn’t seem to like pumpkin. Actually, he’s not interested in eating at all today, which makes sense. He’s been through a lot.

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52 Responses to i can’t go for that (no can do)

  1. dogrl says:

    “He’s like a teenager. They should be caged.”
    Ab. Solutely!

    Poor Rex! And poor you!
    So they didn’t think he has a bowel obstruction or something? That’s what I would give as my diagnosis if he were human. Would it work to mix the pumpkin in with something soft he would eat? Hopefully he won’t keep puking, or it won’t help him anyway. Hmmm….(I’m sure I’ll keep putting my 2 cents in as you post updates.)
    Good luck!

    • The x rays didn’t show anything blocking him but lots of poop. It’s just not moving. I tried mixing a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin with plain yogurt and ground chicken, but he won’t eat it. I tried giving him a tiny bit of the chicken on its own, but he wasn’t interested. He’s just not in the mood to do anything but sleep. At least he’s drinking water. We’ll try again tomorrow.

      • dogrl says:

        One thing we do for people to help get their innards working so they can poop is get them up and walk them. Maybe if he sleeps good tonight, he’ll be up for a walk tomorrow. And maybe after his gut’s had a rest he’ll be more ready for a little soft food, too.
        (pumpkin with some mashed potatoes? or maybe with the jarred lo-fat gravy? I’m just trying to think of what might work for the girls if that happened to them.)

  2. retaliashun says:

    poor rex. i hope he feels better. i remember when the same thing happened with our Katie. except she finally had ugly diarrhea.

    i like the blue hair btw

  3. markgharris says:

    I hate that he’s feeling low. Hopefully, the worst has passed? It sounds a little like what happens to people, when they go through dehydration.

  4. REX!

    You are all in my prayers. I hope Rex feels better soon. Maybe after he rests some he’ll feel like eating the pumpkin or something else soft. This was heartbreaking to read. :-(

  5. Poor Rex, he looks so sad. Since he’s on a raw diet, has he been eating any grass. Dogs do eat grass to supply their fiber needs

    • No, he doesn’t eat grass. He gets a veggie cube with dinner. Veggie cubes are different vegetables processed in the blender so our dogs can digest them easily and properly and frozen in ice cube trays for easy portioning.

      We’ve done lots of research. We’ve the dietary needs covered.

  6. marikanola says:

    There is only one thing I hate more then the assplosion that follow a bout of doggie constipation … and that is the period right before when the pup is sad and miserable. I hope that things are better for Rex tomorrow…

  7. I use pumpkin for Rutlie. It also calms his stomach. He likes it though.

    Poor Rex. I wonder what would make him that constipated. I do hope he gets better but with out the raging diarrhea.

  8. ebandit says:

    HI Tim, hope Rex is feeling better. Hugs to both of you.

  9. rio3001 says:

    awwwww puppy!

  10. rhondarubin says:

    Poor Rex! Unfortunately, I know what you’re both feeling right now. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  11. _jandy_ says:

    awww – i hope he feels better soon! there’s not a whole lot worse than a sad dog that doesn’t feel good. give him extra kisses for me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The poor guy. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for him.

    Jeffrey R.

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