the deal

The delightful new novel from the authors of He’s The One and It Had to Be You. New Year’s Eve, 1999. Millennium celebrations light up the sky from Sydney to Seattle. But in the Houston living room of Aaron Fisher, the fireworks have fizzled! A gathering with his closest friends has devolved into a depressing deconstruction of the sad state of all of their love lives. Fed up with the moaning, Aaron comes up with The Deal: They all have until next New Year’s Eve to find true love or stop whining about it. The ensuing 12 months will answer many questions: Will Patrick, Aaron’s straight roommate be able to ride the waves as his girlfriend, Vivian, decides whether she is Betty Crocker or Betty Friedan? Having embraced her lesbianism (and turned her back on her trust fund,) will Miranda stop sucking the life out of every romance? Will Alexander stop dabbling with men’s hearts the way he dabbles in music and his parents’ bank account? And will Aaron keep his end of the deal when the truth is he’s happy with a life of bar buddies, gym buddies and bed buddies? It’s a year of surprises for all of them, as they take on unfaithful husbands, vindictive rumormongers, well-intentioned stalkers, pixie drummers who write bad poetry and marauding palmetto bugs. But most of all, they will discover much about themselves through the surprising, touching and hilarious revelations produced by a year of exploring the nature of love.

Note: The Deal is currently out of print as of 2007.

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  1. I purchased this book this afternoon, sat down and started reading it this evening and… it was the first book since the 5th Harry Potter book that I’ve read in a day. I think I got up to get a glass of water… It was amazing! It was the first gay story I’ve read that didn’t consist of fanfiction, and I must say, I’m excited to see more of your books!!! If they’re anything like this one was, I’m sure they’re going to be fantastic. I hope Borders has them!!!! :D
    So I’m going to friend you (you don’t have to friend back!) just in case you post any delightful updates on your books or anything of the like…
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful read!!! :D:D

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