sweet sixteen

Sixteen people emailed me, all with different ways of saying Loved the Al Camino video. Wasn’t Al Camino the name Alexander used in THE DEAL when he worked in the porn industry? Yes! I love it when people remember small details like that. I’m glad y’all liked our book enough to remember that and write to me about it. Sixteen people might not be sixteen million, which is probably why THE DEAL is out of print, but you guys made my day. Thank you.

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  1. monkjoel says:

    I’m not always good at remembering the small details, but I loved THE DEAL — it’s a marvelous book. I hate that it is o.p. — and hope that some smart publisher picks it up and reissues it. (And some smart producer brings it to the screen, big or small).

  2. For any of your readers who don’t also read me (why not?), instead of watching Alanis mimic Fergie again, they COULD be checking out the YouTube Al Camino photo shoot here.

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