dare to be stupid

“Drayden’s almost seems like a real store. It’s not, is it?” – Marc, Topeka, KS.

The above question comes up every now and then in our mailbox, so I thought I’d address it here. I love that people who read the Timothy James Beck books can imagine finding Drayden’s in their hometown mall. You won’t, of course, because Drayden’s is a product of our collective imaginations. Though we mentioned the store in previous TJB books, Drayden’s didn’t fully come to life until SOMEONE LIKE YOU. When the idea of setting a book entirely inside a fictitious super mall was in its infancy, we decided to make Drayden’s one of the Mall of the Universe’s anchor stores. To amuse myself and my cowriters I wrote an entire history of Drayden’s. This was mainly a spoof of experiences from when I worked at Barneys New York and Nordstrom. Both stores required their employees to learn the history of each retail company’s founding families, the Pressman and Nordstrom families respectively, and both followed up with quizes that drove home certain trivia factoids that often come up in their press releases. Because I’m from Maine, and because my family is from the Midwest, I thought, I wonder what Drayden’s history is? What if I melded Barneys, Nordstrom, and L.L. Bean into one store that would cater to the midwestern farmer and his daughter? The Swedish Nordstroms inspired the Swedish Lvandssons in name and nationality only. All other likeness ends there. The Lvandssons are fictitious and hopefully bear no likeness to any Nordstrom, Pressman, or Bean family members. Barney Pressman pawned his wife’s engagement ring to fund the original Barneys store. In SLY, Bjornn Henry Lvandsson’s wife Greta pawned her loom. The L.L. Bean “Bean Boot” inspired the Lvandsson’s “Cattle Cozy” livestock blanket that started it all. Highlights from Drayden’s history were pulled for Chapter One of SLY when Derek is in training on his first day at work and meets Vienna.

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  1. I can never keep the cow names straight. I think the Gunderson cow in IT HAD TO BE YOU is Gert and the Lvandsson family cow is Gertrude. Where’s Squishi when I need her? In any case, I’d like to see either cow sporting a Cattle Cozy…

    • Yeah, Gertrude was the Lvandsson’s cow.

      • Do you remember the Gunderson cow? I don’t have a computer copy of IHTBY on this PC, so I can never easily pull up stuff from that novel. Wait. I think that cow was in HE’S THE ONE. See why I need Squishi?

        (checking Word document…)
        Yes, Adam’s brother got Willard Scott to wish Gert Gunderson a happy birthday on THE TODAY SHOW.

        And I think I wrote that, which makes it all the sadder that I forgot.

        • You did write that. Heh. It’s okay, I can’t remember if we wrote about Drayden’s in HTO or not.

          • Nope, HTO is pre-Drayden’s. Adam said if he got a boyfriend, Aggie would rush him to Daytons to register. (Daytons is a real department store, no?) Drayden’s popped up first in IYM because Beverly worked there and Sydney did time there, too.

            Boy, I’m sure this is riveting stuff here, LOL.

  2. marikanola says:

    Tim you inspired me. You see, the last time I was at JC Penney’s, I bought a cute pair of clogs. And well… the sales clerk gave me all nickels back and told me it was because Mr Penney … HATED FDR who is pictured on the dime.


    Well I was amazed, because I have never heard of anyone hating FDR …I forget that presidents we revere are sometimes not popular during their administrations …so I have been thinking about this for years, and looked up stuff on the internet and never found anything. So after reading this last night I called their 24 hour service line … DAMN with the shame…. And now I know the answer.

    So thank you Timmy!

  3. ebandit says:

    Totally off subject…but,

    I loved! “It Had to Be You”

    I found myself and several friends in it.

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