find the river

January 26, 2006

Rest in peace, River. Everybody loves you.

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22 Responses to find the river

  1. I do still love him. I think of him every single day. I’m so glad he was part of my life.

  2. I miss him, too.

    He was the reason we became friends, really. I met you all through ScottyNola and started reading about River. It was around this time, when we became friends…

    He made many people happy, in more ways than one.

  3. _jandy_ says:

    so true.

    yep, you put it best – everybody loves you. this picture just makes me smile.

  4. smoness says:

    Man, January was rough last year, wasn’t it? I do miss that big sweetheart.

  5. rhondarubin says:

    I know no one misses River more than you, but I do miss the big, sweet goof.

  6. dogrl says:

    Awww…what a wonderful picture of a wonderful dog. It makes me sad he’s not here any more.

  7. markgharris says:

    River is a tough story. One of the best stories, though.

  8. rio3001 says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw puppy.

  9. treebreeze says:

    He certainly was/is the embodiment of love.

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