yesterday, when i was mad

Someone specifically asked about a portion of my bio that, in some versions, makes reference to me being a keyboardist and lyricist for a band, and since other people have asked me about it, I guess I’ll elaborate. Or, rather, I’ll give the highlights of the story.

Yes, I was a member of GWAR. Just kidding! About ten years ago (eeek) in a land called New York City, my friend Jon asked me to join his band, Boss Drum. Don’t bother googling “Boss Drum” because you’ll just get a lot of information about this album. We really didn’t hit big. We just had fun. We recorded songs. We made a CD, which apparently was sold in the Soviet states. We did shows at the Bat Cave, Limelight, the Bank, and Pyramid Bar. Two high points were when we opened for A Flock of Seagulls and Lords of Acid. I only wrote lyrics for a few songs, among them Running Away From Yesterday, Why am I Here (Without You), and I have a shared writing credit on When I Cry, though I don’t remember why. I just remember sitting in the studio all night and saying things like, “Yeah, that sounds cool.” And, “I’m hungry.” Or, “What time is it?”

Click here to listen to When I Cry. (This link/file will be disabled in about a week, lest I get sued, or something.) I always liked the bass line of this song. Still do.
**Update: if the file won’t play for you via the previous link, try this one, instead. If that doesn’t work either…oh, well.

Jon was also my roommate for a few years. Here’s a photo of us on our rooftop. Note the holes in my pants. We could only afford to be photographed from behind, because we were poor, starving artists. Some things never change. Note the Darth Vaderlike appearance of my hair from behind. Oy.)

Recently, Jon contacted me and mentioned something about Boss Drum tracks being on iTunes soon, which I alluded to here. I’m not sure when and if this will happen, but if does, I’ll be sure to post about it. Jon also asked if I have “any lyrics laying around the house” that I might want to send to him. There were some under the sofa cushions, so I sent those. We’ll see what happens. =)

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  1. Oh, I forgot this photo, which I love (probably because I don’t have it–but now I do–don’t sue me).

    Let me tell the people… I’ve had Boss Drum CDs and tapes forever, and I know I listened to them when I received them from you, lo those many years ago. However, recently, when I ripped a ton of CDs to my iTunes library, I’d be working away and suddenly hear a song and think, “Who IS that? I love that song!” Every time it happened, it was Boss Drum. It’s all new to me as if I never heard it before. Which says more about my feeble mind than your music.

    You and Jon: Not Just Good Asses, Good Music

  2. markgharris says:

    Great photo! It looks like it was taken on a warm, hazy evening, with lots of musical honking from the street and people lazily going to the Lemon Tree Cafe or somewhere else to eat…

    I click the link and wait but it won’t let me listen to the song. Guess I’m doing something wrong? On the plus side, I can assert that my cursor is behaving and doing absolutely nothing untoward with this photo.

  3. treebreeze says:

    You are a Renaissance man, m’sieur.

  4. _jandy_ says:

    you’re just a jack of all trades! he writes, he makes music, he leaps buildings in a single bound!

    and you opened for lords of acid? niiice – i luv them, but honestly think i’d be a bit scared to go to their show.

    • I love them, too. If I remember correctly, it was their first stop in the US for their Voodoo U tour. Something went wrong w/one of their synths, and I think they used one of ours. I could be making that up. It was a long time ago. Ruth McArdle…or, was it Jade 4 U?…anyway, their singer caressed me with her whip, told me I was hot, and said she wanted to do nasty things to me. I probably turned fifteen shades of red and said something about their guitarist (male) being more my type.

  5. rhondarubin says:

    Damn, if I’d known about this, I’d have asked you to hire you for our wedding! Love the music. My iPod craves it. I’m just sayin’.

    • I don’t think we would’ve been quite the hit that Matt the DJ was. Plus, I would’ve insisted on doing an aggro-electropop cover of “The Chicken Dance” and I don’t think you would’ve wanted that.

  6. smoness says:

    In all seriousness, I’m not saying this because you’re my friend: I f-ing love it! Uhhh, what’s it gonna take to get more out of you? Like uhhh, where can I get my hands on your CD?

    There are certain details in the track that really stand out; and it’s obvious you guys have a great ear for this. And BTW, ‘When I Cry’ totally makes me want to take xtc and have sex.

    You blow me away.

    • “And BTW, ‘When I Cry’ totally makes me want to take xtc and have sex.”

      That’s SO 1997. Oh, wait…it was.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s really funny, because The Village Voice gave us that review where it said the Boss Drum CD was “great if you want to make love on the dance floor”…calling it “perfect pre-f**k fodder”! I loved that review!

        They also said that my stage presence was like “that of an evil snake god…spewing his venom out into the audience”. I didn’t like that part back then, but I think it’s cool now.

  7. davidpnyc says:

    “We could only afford to be photographed from behind”

    Looks like you’re bringing “Sexy Back!” LOL

    Get it? SexyBack? Hello…is this thing on?

    I’ll be at my desk writing lame jokes if anyone needs me.

  8. jondemichael says:

    Hey! It’s Jon.

    Don’t forget your other hit song “Take Me Down”…that one was hot. Funny that the only surviving audio file of that one is on a mixed CD somewhere is Becky’s transportation vehicle! I hope to get the master tape back someday. Becky, can you find that CD?

    Timothy, you’re not going to get sued for posting our music! Who’s going to sue us? Us?? :)

    A friend sent me a link a while back for the “Wayback Machine”…where you can visit archives of websites that are no longer “live”.

    Boss Drum’s is at:*/

    You can click around on different dates and SOMETIMES it actually shows you what our site used to look like.

    Still waiting on the itunes deal. I went through to work out a deal with itunes, as directed by itunes, and although they said (back in Sept) that it would only be a few weeks, it seems to be taking a longer.

    As you know, I had to temporarily dismantle by studio recently, but when I get back to SF in January I’m looking forward to putting some music to your lyrics. Send anything new you might come up with as well!

    Happy Holidaze!


    • Gasp! Of course I can find it! That CD (which has a drawing of Tim on the cover as drawn by Tim–he IS a Renaissance man!) has “Take Me Down” and “Move On” on it. I LOVE both songs. Sexy songs, sexy men.

      I also have the CD, and somewhere, a Boss Drum tape which I haven’t found yet. (If James were reading this, he’d say, “It’s probably in a shadow box with a poem written about it.”)

      And those links to the old web site! I remember all that and how it fed into my photo lust. THOSE photos I still have as part of my screensaver slideshow.

      God, I’m pathetic.

    • It’s you. Yay!

      I remembered “Take Me Down” shortly after posting this. The old grey brain, she ain’t what she used to be.

      Do you have a copy of THE DEAL? There are two sets of lyrics written in that book. I think it would be really cool if you wrote music for them. You’ve my permission to do so, if you’d like, and I’m pretty sure Becky will feel the same. =)

      If you don’t have that book, I’ll send you a copy.

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