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You can’t see me, but I’m laughing. Check it out, the Houston Voice reviewed THE DEAL, and the reviewer doesn’t believe that Becky and I live in Houston. Granted, I moved here from NYC a little over three years ago, but Becky’s lived here for sixteen years. It makes me giggle though, because if I’m not living in Houston, then where the hell am I? I only wish I knew what a “Houston vibe” is. Our characters drive everywhere. Miranda even has big hair. Did they not eat enough ribs? I guess we weren’t descriptive enough. That’s a fair assessment, I suppose. Still, if we described every nook and cranny of this city, the setting would’ve surpassed the storytelling. Anyway, it was a pretty good review nonetheless, and I think it’s awfully nifty of the Houston Voice to review our little book.

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  1. rio3001 says:

    that’s funny..he acknowledges all the locations as being authentic, and yet he doesn’t believe you know about houston?

    ah well..he called it a ‘page turner’ so i guess he wasn’t too turned off by your lack of houston vibey-ness…

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