gold rush brides

The brides are back. (They’re gonna save my reputation. hey laaaaa hey la the brides are back.)

Rhonda’s wedding day perspective.

Lindsey’s wedding day perspective.

Glenda’s wedding photos.

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12 Responses to gold rush brides

  1. _jandy_ says:

    thohse were completely beautiful and adorable and sweet as can be. made me smile all sorts of big. :)

  2. I have read it all. I am so thrilled that things went the way they did, and like I said before, Timothy, you can be my Wedding Bitch anytime. I imagine there is serious money to be made in that line of business.

    The photos were perfect. I love the cake with penguins, and I think that you looked utterly in charge and hot.

    The brides were so pretty, and I can’t wait to hear about the honeymoon.

    What is awesome, is that while I may have some dark things in my mind at times, this, this wedding (photos et al), really made me feel happy and human for the first time in months. I thank Lindsey and Rhonda for that, and you and Becky too (Becky because, you know, she’s Becky after all).

    • *I meant dark things in my mind right now…from all that stuff that’s happened.

    • There probably is good money in being a professional wedding bitch, but I’m not sure I’d want to do it. I loved being able to help my friends have the happiest day ever. That part was swell. But there were times that I wished I had the ability to shoot laser beams from my eyes that would disintigrate everyone around me. There’s a lot of stress involved in the job. I have a hunch that being a wedding bitch for strangers would be horrible, because unlike Lindsey and Rhonda, they’d probably feel free to vent all of their stress and frustrations out on me…”the help.” I’ve worked in retail, I’ve been treated like shit, and I don’t need that any more. Luckily, L&R were NOTHING like that. Plus, they were cool brides. I don’t think I’d want to deal with girly-girl “I need the perfect wedding gown or my life will be ruined” brides. *shudder*

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