It’s kind of funny that I’m still doing Wedding Bitch dutes after the wedding, and even though the brides are away on their honeymoon. On Sunday Rex and I had to stop by the B&B where the brides spent the night to pick up the things they left behind (wedding attire, shoes, and other items). Then we went to Allan the Best Man/Brother of the Bride’s house because he was leaving town, and I graciously offered to return the things he’d rented for the rehearsal dinner he organized. I’d collected the centerpieces and a couple of arrangements that had been left behind at Rouge, and since Allan lives nearby the Bering Omega House, I dropped them off there. I was assured that the flowers were a big hit and made the residents there very happy. =) (Click here for ways you can help Bering Omega)

On Monday Rex and I dropped off Allan’s rented decorations. Then I had to email Kevin the video dude to let him know which songs the brides wanted on their wedding DVD. One of these days I have to load all their gifts and stuff into the car and take them to Lindsey & Rhonda’s house. I don’t think they arrive back home until Sunday…party at L&R’s house? Anyone?

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  1. darshan1 says:

    So what were the big hit songs at the wedding?

    • I really don’t remember any specific songs, because I wasn’t dancing. I was too busy. My brain was functioning like this:

      Music: On. Good.
      DJ: Talking. Not hungry. Good.
      Man in blue shirt: Wants more wine. Get that.
      Cake: Still needs to be cut. Do that soon.
      People dancing: They look happy. Good.
      Me: Tired. Want cigarette. Get Blue Shirt Guy wine, first.

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