big day

And so it’s begun. I’ve been to Rouge once already, to make sure the cake could be brought inside and assembled. I’ve received two phone calls so far. One from the brides, one from a maid of honor. The framework that holds up the chuppah has gone missing, but the F.O.B. is on it and a substitute should arrive shortly. Can’t say much else, just in case a bride should somehow get online. But I’m back at The Compound, calling the florist (just to be sure) and other people, trying to stay on top of things, staying hydrated, and relaxing by watching The Wedding Planner. =)

Oh! I need to shine my shoes. More later.

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4 Responses to big day

  1. retaliashun says:

    ahhh. my virtual vicarious wedding date


    • I doubt I’ll be sitting down for more than five minutes at a time tonight. It would’ve been a horrible date. We’ll have to plan a more quiet virtual date for the future.

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