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The wedding is this Saturday and with everything that I have to do this week, there was no way I could report for jury duty tomorrow and maintain what little sanity I have left. (Although, that may have worked in my favor, now that I think about it.) Kudos to Harris County’s Department of Justice for making it oh-so easy for me to reschedule my summons online. Even though I barely believe that the legal system of Texas thinks I have any rights, at least I don’t have to look judgment in the eye until January now.

Before I get hate mail; no, I have no problem being asked to serve jury duty, and yes, I believe in making change by working with and within the system. And yes, it gives me a private thrill to be able to say I can’t make it because of a “Family business” conflict. The TJB crew…Lindsey & Rhonda’s wedding…keeping myself sane so I can properly clean L____’s house…they’re all my family, and it’s my business to help them right now.

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  1. Don’t feel bad Tim. I have a court date on Oct 30th for a law suit that I have to testifiy for all because I happened to be working in the store the day a lady fell.

    Now, I just recieved notice that I have Jury duty during the following week.

    Tonight some guy came knocking on my front door looking for me with more court looking papers. I wasn’t home. He didn’t say who he was or why he was looking for me.

    I’ve had it with courts and law suits. Can I just hide out someplace? geese.

    • If this is your way of trying to seek refuge at The Compound, I’m afraid there’s some applications you’ll need to fill out first. =)

      • Ok, where is this application I have to fill out?
        I was just on the phone with the first set of lawyers for this lawsuit when I had a knock on the door. I opened it as the lawyer on the phone was saying..”Don’t accept anything…” he shoved a paper in my hand…”You’ve been served” Damn!
        Now, both sides want me to testify.

        I could run away to Texas. But, then the IRS is looking for ten grand, which I don’t owe. Mexico or Cananda are looking better all the time. At least the IRS can’t come and take me away there. Can they?
        Send those apps right along. I’ll be looking forward to recieving them. No, wait. I’m not opening any more mail, or answering the door. I guess you’ll have to email them to me.

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