the first taste

Though I have no plans of ever getting married, I think I would get married if just for the various tastings alone. Tasting the wedding cake was akin to an orgasm, and yesterday the brides and I, along with one of their mothers, got to sample the food at Rouge so we could select entrees for the reception. I was nervous about it, which may sould odd, but if your digestive system periodically goes on strike without warning, as mine does, you’d be wary, too. I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately, probably because of stress, and definitely because of the ruckus caused by the crew residing our neighbor’s house, and my digestive hell usually strikes whenever I’m extra-tired, so I was prepared to not only help the brides select food, but to also prepare a detailed dossier on Rouge’s bathrooms.

Luckily, the dossier went unwritten. I think the combination of being with wonderful people in a relaxing environment really helped. I know I’m supposed to be a wizard with adjectives, but you’ll just have to trust me that the food was beyond “good”. Let’s just say that I can usually only stomach a bagel or a bowl of cereal when I wake up, but yesterday’s breakfast was a mixed baby greens salad, pappardelle with vegetables, coq au vin, and grilled airline chicken with mushrooms, as well as sampling two different desserts. It was full of yummy deliciousness. All of it.

Unfortunately, the menu has been selected, so there’ll be no more tastings. Damn!

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8 Responses to the first taste

  1. retaliashun says:

    mmmm. coq au vin. one of the first dishes i ever learned to make as a chef.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The menu was sounding divine, then you threw in “airline chicken.” Either I don’t know the definition of the adjective, or I’ve been flying the wrong airline.


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