the music never stopped

We definitely write fiction, but every now and then certain people or circumstances from real life will work their way into our writing. I would never say that any of our characters are based on real people, because our characters are fiction. But sometimes, to round our characters out, we’ll borrow certain phrases, gestures, mannerisms, from our friends. A good example of what I’m talking about is Alexander Casey in THE DEAL. Alexander is a musician, so I thought about all the musicians I’ve known. And there are many. My personal experiences in music began when I took violin lessons and played in a community youth orchestra. In this era, during the teenage years, one of my friends during all escapades orchestral was one Andrew A. Libby. Andrew was kind, funny, and extremely talented. All traits I wanted Alexander to have in THE DEAL. Before Andrew took off for parts unknown in a restored VW Vanagon, he taught himself to play acoustic guitar. My memories of Andrew at that time are of him constantly bringing his guitar with him everywhere and playing it at random times, which Alexander does, too.

Unlike Alexander, Andrew does not secretly score music for gay porn movies.

A few months ago I got an email out of the blue from Andrew. He’s now a family man, living in the Southwest with his wife and beautiful daughter. From our emails I’ve happily discovered that he’s still the same kind, funny, and talented guy I knew back in Maine. And he’s still playing guitar. He sent me his most recent CD, titled Wookum, and it’s frickin’ amazing. Andrew recorded it himself, and all of the songs are a single track with no overdubs or effects to preserve the live experience. I highly recommend contacting Andrew at to get a CD for yourself.

Click here to listen to a short sample of the title track Wookum by Andrew A. Libby. (may take a while to download, depending on your connection.)

1. Wookum 5:56
2. A Dark Shade of Blue 8:06
3. Funk Defino 5:54
4. Mountain Melody 4:34
5. Hip Doo Dittle 5:16
6. Good Heart Ruffled 4:16
7. Four Pounds of Hammer 9:05

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  1. marikanola says:

    So have you told him he served as a bit of inspiration for you! When I got to page 74 of Murder In The Rue Dauphine — which address’s Paige’s bad driving, I was thrilled! It seems weird, but I was part of the inspiration for Paige! Oh, it was bad driving — but it was me! If you read it tells of how she is a bad driver, how her tags expire, as well as her insurance – and how she never gets a ticket … all true. And my car is not registered at the moment, and well the insurance has been expired as I type this!

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