Steve at The Queer Bibliofile has ordered his copy of Timothy James Beck‘s SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

Have you?

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14 Responses to shopping

  1. rhondarubin says:

    Of course not. We are either going to invade Borders the day it comes out, or pick it up at the signing. Of course, it will be the former, followed by a trip to your house for the required author signing.

  2. Oh my. BUT OF COURSE! I am now addicted. After I’m Your Man, well I need another fix! And whomever doesn’t read these novels, well POO on them. They have no idea what they are missing out on.

    • *sigh* the person above me must have access to you all. I would love to go to a signing!!!! When are you coming up? Bring Becky, and I have your room all ready. Nashville anyone?

  3. dogrl says:

    You bet! (I won’t even start-AGAIN-about the author tour thing.)

  4. treebreeze says:

    ummm..not yet, but my copy of ,It had to be You, just arrived on monday! I am a bit slow, but am getting there.

  5. smoness says:

    Hell no I haven’t ordered it… and break tradition?? We have to go to Borders at 10:30 on a “school night” the day it comes out to buy it… then go home and take tons of ridiculous pictures of us reading it! Then like Rhon said, we’ll have you sign it at the big signing we’re supposed to show up to in our bathing suits. ;)

  6. n8an says:

    My copy showed up yesterday, mister. That’s probably the best part of pre-ordering. You can forget, and then happy packages randomly show up.

    Of course, sometimes you’ve bought a copy and pre-ordered one, but that’s my problem, really. And hey, bookcrossing.

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