words from the prophet labonte

Becky and I got email from Richard Labonte today. If you don’t know who Mr. Labonte is, shame on you!


Richard Labonte is god reviews glbt literature and is an editor with many anthologies under his belt. His column, Book Marks is distributed by Q Sydicate, and he produces the gay men’s edition of the Books To Watch Out For newsletter. The man knows his gay lit.

He contacted us to let us know that he’d written a review of THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE for his next Book Marks column, and thought we might want a copy. (Wood eye!) Here’s what he said about our book (parts in bold make me want to scream and giggle like a thirteen year old girl at Clay Aiken concert):

_Three Fortunes in One Cookie_, by Cochrane Lambert. Alyson Books, 416
pages, $14.95 paper.

Phillip’s boyfriend has dumped him, his Barnes & Noble job depresses him, he can’t pay his rent, he has no energy for his art, and a bitter New York winter looms. So when his domineering grandfather demands that Phillip move back to small-town Mississippi and the antebellum home where he was raised, to care for his sweetly goofy mother, he doesn’t have much choice. The deft writing team of (Becky) Cochrane and (Timothy) Lambert have crafted a beguiling, campy epic crammed with sympathetic characters and engaging eccentrics, including Phillip’s four aunts, who run the gamut from fulminating fundamentalist to reserved lesbian; the Irish hunk he left behind in Manhattan, who might still be the man of his dreams; his new Mississippi acquaintances, one of them a voyeuristic hooker, another an easygoing leather Daddy; and an old high school chum struggling with his own desires. Three Fortunes in One Cookie is bright and breezy, but the ease with which it can be read belies a complex, captivating plot and charming, solid storytelling.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dance around my apartment and wet myself from glee.

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18 Responses to words from the prophet labonte

  1. Wet yourself? Why don’t you balance a cup of gin on your nose while jugging some sardines and singing Two Of Hearts by Stacey Q like your dog does?

  2. treebreeze says:


    I am so proud of you two! That is just splendiferous! Good job!

  3. rhondarubin says:

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dance around my apartment and wet myself from glee.

    And you wonder where River gets the inclination to pee over things when he’s happy? ;)

    I tried to tell you guys it was a great book. But not as eloquently…and I’m not being paid for it. Congrats for the publically published acknowledgements. They’re deserved.

  4. You two SO deserve this glowing review. I’ve been singing your praises for years, so what he writes is not news to me. But, of course, I don’t reach 10,000 subscribers with a column either, so I guess I’d do the happy dance too! COngratulations!!

  5. smoness says:

    Hoooooray for the review! You guys definitely deserve the praise…the book is fantastic.

  6. brentsbrain says:

    Nice review! And yeah, he’s God.

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