a lovely parting gift

I was between Wedding Bitch calls when the phone rang. Sunset Blvd Animal Clinic was calling to let me know that River’s ashes were ready to be picked up at my convenience. I had wondered aloud just the other day when his ashes might be ready, and apparently today was the day.

Rex went with me and he was very good in the car. In a Riverlike moment of yore I was forced to hit the brake at one point and he slid to the floor, narrowly missing the dash, and then looked at me as if to say, What the hell was that all about? Which made me laugh.

The receptionists at Sunset were all surprised to see me with a dog; they were full of questions and enjoyed meeting Rex. Right before River died I had purchased a six pack of Heartgard, so they gave me a refund for that. Then they handed me River’s ashes in a pretty green plastic bag. It startled me and I blurted, “Oh. A lovely parting gift.” They giggled and luckily I did, too.

Inside the bag was a certificate and a box. Inside the box was the urn, a white plastic container. It’s pretty modern looking compared to the wee purple traditional looking urn my cat Mercutio is in. At least I won’t confuse the two. Although, I’ve thought about buying a bush of some sort and burying River’s ashes beneath it in the backyard. Maybe by the door to my apartment. We’ll see.

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12 Responses to a lovely parting gift

  1. My cat Whiskey is in a black ceramic urn. He travels with me when I head out for a long adventure somewhere. Especially driving. He use to ride with me when he was alive in the passenger seat like a dog. So, I figure he will enjoy riding around with me still. Strange, I know. But he was the love of my life. 13 years is a long time for me. I have never had any relationship last as long. Now, when I am home, he sits on my desk, while I am typing, and his picture is in front of the urn. I will be cremated, and then tosses out in Cataloochee Valley, and I want him with me there. Morbid, eh? Somehow, I find comfort in that. We do whatever it takes.

  2. _jandy_ says:

    that made me smile and a little mournful at the same time.

    i think the bush/plant idea is wonderful. :)

  3. treebreeze says:

    Funny how life goes on and we are able to face it because we have had “Rivers” enter our lives, not because we have lost them.

    Hugs mister…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I mean…Oooohhh! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a vibrant pink!!! Amazing!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think he looks pretty great! You’re a lucky guy, getting to see that face daily. : )

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