openly offended

Somebody who is also a gay male wrote to me recently and questioned my disdain for his use of term (moniker) “openly gay.” This was my reply:

I don’t understand why you’d use the term “openly gay.” It’s such a put-down term. It implies that we should hide who we are, or that hiding who we are might be a preferred option. Or that there’s something bad about being “openly gay.” If Barney Frank were black, do you think “openly black” would be an acceptable term used in today’s society? Or “openly Jewish?” How about “openly left-handed?” Or, maybe people with cancer should be “openly cancerous.” People who strive for equality but who use the same terminology that’s used by the masses to segregate and seperate confuse me. You and I deserve better than to be “openly gay.” We deserve to be “openly human,” “openly equal” and “openly good enough to be who we were born to be.”

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  1. marikanola says:

    Left Handed and PROUD!

    I am openly left handed ! I’m here, I’m left handed get used to it! I have often heard to being left handed being compared to being gay, it occurs in 10 percent of the population, and it is predetermined at birth – there is nothing anyone can do about it. I had a teacher try to change my “handiness” at school – and my mother was up in arms about it. Mt family in Germany did not like that I was left handed. But it’s not like we burn left handers at the stake, and the thought of not allowing left handers to marry is just a crazy thought and no one would support it. Yet, people have issues still with the gay thing.

    And about that 10 percent thing, have you noticed that left handers and gay people are always the best looking … a left handed gay man — GRRR HOT!

    • dogrl says:

      Re: Left Handed and PROUD!

      I, too, am left handed. And just as it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter what hand I write with, I don’t see that it should matter to anyone other than your partner what sex you’re attracted to.

    • varsitynj says:

      Re: Left Handed and PROUD!

      have you noticed that left handers and gay people are always the best looking … a left handed gay man — GRRR HOT!

      Wow, that’s me. Dunno if I’d constitute hot though.

    • varsitynj says:

      Re: Left Handed and PROUD!

      Oh, and I love New Orleans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree that languages influences thought and that such terms should be done away with at humanity’s earliest possible convenience. But I think it’s important to recognize that the term emanates from a fear of violence and discrimination. Unfortunately, until the threat of violence against gay people is no longer a reality, the term will remain alive. However, all of this is a different issue from that of gay people using it to distinguish negatively among each other as implied in “he’s too gay.” or “he’s really out of the closet” ect.


  3. yojichan says:

    i am also “openly offended” by this. i have a friend whose schoolmate was denied entrance to school because he was transsexual. it’s soooooooo lame. its boring. its stupid. i really dont see why people should discriminate when they dont have the right in the first place and no one deserves to be discriminated either.

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