when it rains, it pours

I finished my partial manuscript (that’s a funny statement) last night, and I was hoping to proof it and mail it to Alyson today. I’m also trying to mail that painting to its new owner today, too, but River woke up hacking and making noises like a seal with a crack habit. He won’t eat, won’t drink. He’s fine when he’s laying still, but when he moves he starts gagging and hacking up bits of undigested food and dead toy from yesterday, along with…I’ll just call it phlegm, for lack of medical terminology. It’s as though something is stuck in his throat and he wants it out. Maybe that’s where my ambition is.

I phoned the vet (whom you’d think would be on speed-dial by now), and Dr. Ward isn’t working today. However, I spoke with Dr. Young (an excellent vet) who thought River “probably has a cold.” River was sitting right next to me, perhaps listening, and challenged this theory with a noise that sounded something similar to a lawn mower of days gone by trying to start up. Dr. Young said, “Uh, is that River?” “Why, yes it is,” I replied. There was a pause and then Dr. Young said, “Let me look at my schedule….can you bring him in at 3?”

So now I have to go to the vet.

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12 Responses to when it rains, it pours

  1. varsitynj says:

    Oi, poor dog. I hope you bought the extended warranty.

  2. Poor River! Here’s to a speedy recovery….

  3. Well I hope it isn’t serious. I am researching all my texts about what you described. And really, I am not finding anything too bad. Colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, but just not sure without seeing River. Does he have a fever? What color are his gums? Argh. Okay, well, just let me know what happens. The poor baby. Poor you. Wish I was there to help.

    • Home again for a moment, left River to be X-rayed. Dr. said it could be a whole things, most likely a condition prevalent in Labs the name of which escapes me. I’ve heard of it, but can never remember the name of the thing. Or, it could be a trachia infamation, Mega-Esophagus, vocal chord issue, lots of things. Since taking X-rays of his lungs was on our potential list for future issues, and he wanted to X-ray River’s throat, I said, “I guess you could do both and we’ll see what you see.” He agreed. So we’ll see.

      I love that you consulted your books for me. that’s nice of you. Thank you. =)

    • Oh, white cell count and everything else is normal. So, apparently, it’s not a normal cold, flu, etc.

      • Something in one of my texts

        Common health problems of Labradors are hip/elbow/hock/shoulder dysplasia (detected by x-ray). They also may suffer from ophthalmological defects (including cataracts, eyelid deformities, progressive retinal atrophy, and retinal dysplasia), seizures, and skin allergies. The allergies can cause severe lung inflamation causing a dislodging of mucus–usually green to an almost brownish tone. This can be treated. the dysplasia can be treated as well by seeing and orthopedic surgeon (whom I also worked for). I am not sure how old River is, but I am thinking that whatever is ailing him can be treated and he can be just fine. I will still look and inquire. Can’t hurt. I know you have excellent Vets for him too. I just know how I am with my baby. :)

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