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I’m pounding the shit out today, trying to finish the partial manuscript I plan to submit to Alyson. The one I’ve been putting off. I’m an asswipe for many things, and one of them is avoiding this project. It’s not doing me or anyone else any good taking up space on my hard drive. I don’t know what my bullshit is about submitting this, but it’s stupid, because it’s a pretty great story. At least I think it is. So what’s my problem? Where to begin…

I got really great news from Joe at Alyson: InsightOut Books is going to sell THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE in March. There hasn’t been much talk about poor 3F, so I’m glad about this news. It’s a hopeful story, and I think it deserves to be put out there so people can read it.

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  1. varsitynj says:

    Is InsightOut another publisher, or a store?

  2. I enjoyed 3F and have been talking it up to anyone that still listens to me and my book recommendations. Good luck with that and finishing your manuscript!

  3. scottynola says:

    A Gulf Coast Theme

    March is the month ISO is making Mardi Gras Mambo the main selection; featuring Poppys books, and now Asian Takeout. I see a ‘lost world’ theme developing for the catalogue…

    BUt YAY. And double YAY. Are they doing it as a hardcover original?

    And get to work young man. That manuscript is fabulous.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good news! I’m a member of that book club, and I’ve run out of things I want to buy, so I’ll add it to my shopping cart there.

    Jeffrey dba Gatsby’s Ghost

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