Houston’s OutSmart Magazine (Dec. 2005 issue) mentions THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE in their ReadOut Shorts column. Reviewer Angel Curtis says 3F is a “novel that captures all of my favorite things about living in the South.”

I love that our novel is profiled along with Margaret Cho’s new book, I HAVE CHOSEN TO STAY AND FIGHT. There’s Margaret, wearing black, looking kick-ass and wielding her microphone as if ready to shove it up your ass, and then there’s our cover with the take-out box, fortune cookie and stereotypically chinky font. I like to imagine Margaret seeing our book cover next to hers and saying, “What the HELL is THAT?”

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  1. _jandy_ says:


    chinky font


  2. I feel honored to be on the same page as Margaret Cho. If she wants to kick our ass for our cover, that would just be a bonus.

    And for anyone keeping up, you can find a Margaret Cho reference somewhere in the upcoming TJB novel SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

  3. rhondarubin says:

    She has a web page. You should write to her and tell her about it. I think she’d get a kick out of 1) the irony and 2) one of the authors telling her about it.

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