the kitchen

The block where I used to live in Hell’s Kitchen(ette) is mentioned on today. Apparently all the stores along Ninth Avenue on the block are closed. If they tear down my building and put in something stupid there I’ll be really disappointed. Odds are, that’s exactly what will happen. Every time you turn around in NYC someone’s torn down a perfectly wonderful old building and thrown up a new butt ugly one.

I also didn’t know that the Vynl Diner moved. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I used to refer to Vynl as my kitchen, because it was just downstairs. “I’m running down to the kitchen to get a TLT, do you want anything?”

Fun fact: Vynl Diner is mentioned in I’M YOUR MAN.

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4 Responses to the kitchen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fear not, Young Teej. Vynl only moved a few weeks ago, and is back and better than ever at Ninth and 51st. You can see it from the front porch at Posh where the smokers go to drink and smoke. Uh… or so I’ve heard.

    –Famous Author Rob Byrnes

  2. rhondarubin says:

    You kidding? They tear down history all the time here. Sadly, it becomes either a soulless strip center or a CVS. Even the Borders you know and love sits on what was once the property of the coolest pubs in town — The Ale House. Sure, it was a dive, but it was HAUNTED!! History, I tell you!

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