There are two articles in Maine’s Portland Press Herald about November’s Question One vote in Maine.

Grievances unlikely to surge if Maine gay rights law upheld


As vote nears, backers of the law may need harder sell on skeptics

A reminder to the PPH and Maine voters: It’s an equal rights law, not a gay rights law. Equal rights for all, not some. Not a tricky concept.

PPH’s Letters to the Editor includes this hurlfest:

It’s now less than a month away to the Nov. 8 referendum. Question 1 will be the hot topic and the third time in a decade that Maine voters have had to vote on the issue of gay discrimination.

I say that the reality of discrimination to homosexuals is a straw man. In Maine, I’ve never seen or heard of any instances of discrimination toward homosexuals in the workplace, in hiring or in being able to get the housing they might want – or anything else.

Where are all the “stories” of homosexual discrimination? Where? Any past stories of so-called discrimination were instances in which any person could have been the target. What makes homosexuals think no one else is discriminated against?

So, why are we voting on a straw man issue? It’s so homosexuals can get same-sex marriage laws passed. They need their behavior sanctified by the state, so they can proceed to the next step.

If homosexual behavior isn’t state-protected as such behavior, then homosexuals could never petition to get same-sex marriage laws passed.

There are enough real problems in this state. Why are we voting again on a hyped-up issue that has no substance?

Karen Markham

I’d like to personally invite Karen Markham to suck out of my ass. If this is too difficult, bearing in mind that I do live quite a distance and round-trip airfare is expensive, I’d love it if Karen Markam ventured to the Community Counceling Center in Portland, Maine where she would learn about actual gay and lesbians who have been harassed, discriminated against, assaulted and abused. While in the area, she could visit the Charlie Howard Memorial Library and research glbt stories and articles about the harassment of glbt individuals. Not mention learn about Charlie Howard himself, a gay man who was assaulted while walking down a street in Bangor, Maine with his boyfriend, brutally beaten and left in a nearby stream to die. That was in 1984. How many times has that happened since? How many times actually made it on public record?

Eat me, Karen Markham.

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  1. _jandy_ says:

    i like what you have to say and how you phrase it. she needs to hear something just like that.

  2. bootdoodle says:

    well said, amen brother! unfortunatly, i don’t believe that any state can boast a glbt population that does not face discrimination from minor to criminal what we can do about it is make noise, like you are. .

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope you’ll actually try to contact Ms. Markham and tell her that. I think she needs to hear this if she is still living with delusions such as are indicated by her letter. People still die for who they are. She needs to realize that. It is not a straw man issue. It’s getting across the idea that it’s not right to fire people, evict them, and turn them down for basic equalities–to say nothing of harassing and killing them–because of who they are.

    Jeffrey dba Gatsby’s Ghost

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