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Where did the last three months go? Time is flying by. Not only can’t I believe how quickly the last three months went by, I also can’t believe it’s been thirty years today since The Breakfast Club kids had detention. Anyway, the two anthologies Becky and I labored over, Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction and Best Gay Romance 2014, were published at the end of January and the beginning of February. As you can tell by this hideously late entry on my blog and the lack of other postings on my website about the new books, I’m failing on the promotion side of my job as an editor. Not failing, perhaps, because I am promoting them on Twitter and Facebook, and I am participating in whatever interviews and blog book tour emails my publisher sends my way. So maybe I get a C-.

I did, however, take the initiative and contacted OutSmart Magazine, Houston’s local gay publication, and let them know Becky and I had books coming out. All I hoped for was that they might review them. Instead, the editors said they’d run a featured article on us. Then the publisher said he has rescue dogs and also wanted to focus on RPM, and would that be okay? Of course! Becky and I did a phone interview, which isn’t one of my favorite things to do. I never know what to say and get stuck editing my answers in my head before speak. This interview was kind of funny, though. We always have a hard time hearing people on speakerphone because whenever someone calls that’s when your dog always wants to bark, run around, and make a lot of noise, right? Multiply that by five and you have an idea of why Becky and I always mouthing What did they say? and I don’t know to each other during conference calls. But for this phone interview I had the brilliant idea of us getting into my new car at the appointed hour and using the bluetooth system so we could crank up the speakers and hear what was being asked of us. Technology was against us, however, because for whatever reason, the bluetooth system didn’t pick up the call and we were stuck in my Ford C-Max for an hour, hovering over my iPhone as usual, as if we were in a hybrid isolation booth that gets 40 mpg. However, the absence of dog noise was nice, and it was to be able to recline in the seats and relax!

The magazine also asked us to meet with Theresa DiMenno, so she could photograph us for the article. Theresa and I exchanged emails and spoke on the phone about her concept for the photoshoot, which was Becky and I hanging out in the park next to the Menil Collection on a blanket with our books, happy and enjoying life. I thought it was a great idea. Especially since our characters in The Deal hang out in the very same park in a chapter of that book. I also liked the idea because I’d been incredibly busy with RPM and couldn’t remember the last time I’d simply sat in a park for the pure pleasure in doing so. So it was nice to be able to do so and accomplish something at the same time! Theresa suggested I bring along an RPM dog to be in some of the photographs, so that way we could have photos for the books and for RPM, and then the magazine could decide which they’d want to use for the article. Immediately, I thought Stouffer! Not Stouffers, though I love their mac and cheese. But Stouffer, who’s a dog in RPM’s adoption program and has had a few trial runs in potential homes, but has come back after every one because of his high energy level. He’s a gorgeous dog, though, and incredibly sweet and special. He’s one of those dogs who needs someone willing to put in the work to understand and train him. But I thought he’d be perfect to feature in OutSmart, and maybe it would help him get adopted. Stouffer’s foster dad met us in the park on the appointed day, and we had a good time at the photoshoot. Well, I did. It seemed as though everyone else did. And Stouffer tried to track and kill a squirrel, so it seemed like he had a good time. (Although, I heard he did puke afterward during the ride home, like a supermodel.) Becky blogged about the photoshoot here.

Stouffer and I made the magazine cover. There had been talk that might be the case. It was a pleasant surprise! You can read the article here: Redefining Romance: Authors Becky Cochrane and Timothy Lambert release two new collections of gay literature just in time for Valentine‚Äôs Day. There’s also an excerpt from my short story in Foolish Hearts. And this is the cover:

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  1. Mark says:

    I read the article via Becky’s blog. I am so pleased that the books and the dogs have received such valuable attention. I have also enjoyed reading about your and Becky’s recent trip to CO. You guys are doing incredibly good and important work.

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