state of the pollock


Pollock is growing rapidly. He’s finally figured out his feet and doesn’t stumble or fall over quite so much. He’s very jumpy and loves to launch himself off of a chair or the front steps when he suddenly decides he needs to be somewhere else. We’re thinking a new fence for The Compound might be in order soon, just in case he decides one day it’s a hurdle in his way, instead of a barrier to keep him in and others out.

His last checkup at Winrock Animal Clinic went well and he’s finally had all of his booster shots. Which means I can take him to Hanley Inc to play with his sister, Whatshername. (Her name seems to be Ruby, but Hanley sometimes renames her every now and then, so I can never be sure.) Whenever I take him over to Becky’s house, he always jumps on Margot and Guinness, which they don’t enjoy. For some reason he thinks it’s fun when Margot snarls and tries to bite him. She never bites him, because she’s just saying, “Back off, you little shit,” but he goads her on, because it’s attention, which is what he wants. Pollock’s favorite thing to do is wake Guinness up from a deep sleep, which means she has to bark her fool head off at him, and rouse her from whatever bed she was in, all so he can sit in it for two minutes until his attention is diverted by something else. Needless to say, Margot and Guinness aren’t Pollock’s biggest fans. His sister, Whatshername, however, really liked it when I housesat there this weekend and brought him with me. She was relentless about wanting to play with him, always on the go and demanding his attention. Pollock tried to chill out on the sofa with me while I was watching a movie and she kept jumping up in his face, trying to bite his ear. He looked up at me as if to say, “Can you believe this bitch?” Then he stood up and peed on the sofa next to me.

Dr. Banks told me that you can estimate how big your puppy will be when they’re full grown by doubling their weight when they’re four months old. At his last checkup Pollock weighed 20.7 pounds and he was about three months old. The visit before that one he weighed 15 pounds, so we’re estimating he’ll be about fifty pounds when he’s an adult. I’m hoping by then he’ll stop peeing inside.

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3 Responses to state of the pollock

  1. Becky says:

    Holy shit, this photo illustrates exactly what I said. When Pollock was gone for the weekend, his face grew up. It’s crazy!

  2. debby says:

    Oh he is such a cutey. Wanna see him so much! He’ll be all grown up by the time I get to finally meet him.

  3. Mark says:

    He’s gorgeous! And big! He looks like he’s growing into a Great Dane.

    Scruff’s a comfortable 21kg (which I think equals 46.2lb) – which is plenty big enough! Poppy, by contrast, is a mere 4kg (8.8lb), which is perfect manbag size!

    I don’t envy you the indoor peeing thing. Scruff created a few indoor lakes in his time, but he now has a cast iron bladder. Poppy, however, is a princess…

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