One of my favorite ways to volunteer for RPM is to remove dogs from BARC and take them to boarding or, as I did today, to Winrock Animal Clinic for vet care. If you’re a member of a rescue organization and you’re removing dogs from BARC you have to go through the “back door” and check in at the security gate. Today when I lowered my car window to hand over my ID, the security guard said, “You just missed it.”


“A big old dump truck pulled up and nearly hit my gate. This guy got out and was yelling, ‘You’ve got to help me!’ He was dumping trash and was halfway through it when he realized there was a dog in there.”

“In the back of the truck?”

“Yes! I let him in and the guys inside suited up in their gear and got the dog out of there. She was scared.”

“No doubt,” I said.

“But I think she’s a nice dog. They’re checking her out now and I bet she’ll be okay.”

“You know they’re so full they can’t take dogs in anymore. I bet that guy put her in there himself and faked the whole thing, just to get her in here.”

“Oh, stop! Go on. You ain’t funny,” the security woman said. But she was laughing.

Dogs aren’t trash, people!

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3 Responses to trash

  1. Helen says:

    Did you take the dog???

  2. Mark says:

    Dogs aren’t trash. A lot of people are. Sadly.

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