“this is on me”

The title of this post is one of the responses Dorothy Parker offered when asked what she might want as an epitaph. It always makes me giggle, and I often think about plagarazing it for my own headstone. (I just looked, but couldn’t find a link to the West Bowdoin Cemetary in Maine. My family has a plot there and as far as I know, my spot hasn’t been given away yet.) I mean, why not? Sue me. I’ll be dead and buried in Bowdoin, Maine. Won’t that be punishment enough?

Anyway, via Curbed.com comes information that the legendary Algonquin Hotel has been sold. The new owners allege that they will continue to run the Algonquin as a hotel, and hopefully, they’ll continue to offer their special Writer’s Rate.

Now let me get back to my manic packing…

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Timothy J. Lambert is allegedly a writer.
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  1. treebreeze says:

    Seems you can take the boy out of Maine but ya can’t take Maine out of the boy….or something profound, etc…….

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