shut the door

Sent this email to Hanley’s mother today and have nothing better to post, so I thought I’d share it.

Even before the recent school shooting it would bother me when parents, teachers, nannies, etc would hold the door open for me when I go to pick up H from school. The lock on the door is there to keep them safe, right? Most of these people don’t know me, so why do they assume it’s safe to let me in?

Today a bus was dropping off a group of afternoon session kids and a woman was holding the door open for them. Some parents were slipping by her and she said to one of them, “I don’t know how I got roped into this.” I think she works in the office. I approached and she smiled and I didn’t. I tried to look unfriendly, because I suddenly wanted the door slammed in my face. I stopped and waited. She finally said, “Oh, hi, did you have a–uh–are you picking someone up here?” I said, “Yes, and I’d feel better about her being here if you wouldn’t hold the door open for people you don’t know.” She said, “Oh!” and the door finally slammed in my face.

And H’s mom wrote back:

I. Love. You.

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  1. Helen says:

    I Love You, Too!! And wish other people would pay as much attention to the safety of our precious world as you.

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