pumped up kicks

Every now and then I run. Do I consider myself a runner? Hell, no. On days where I can’t make it to the gym–or when I can’t seem to drag my butt there while it’s open–I’ll put on my sneakers and go running, just so I feel like I did something healthy. Sometimes when people hear me say that I “go running” they’ll ask how far I go, how fast, and wonder about those stats that make sense to “real” runners that leave me perplexed. I have no idea. I just go. I hesitate to say that I just do it, because that’s a Nike thing and I don’t like them these days. Which is why when I bought new running shoes a few days ago I opted for a pair by New Balance. Yes, they’re trail running shoes. But I figure running on most streets and sidewalks in Houston is often like running on a trail. Plus, sometimes I run in the park. Mainly, I got them because of the “Made in the U.S.A.” label on the box, which means they were manufactured in one of five factories New Balance operates in Maine and Massachusetts. I like to know I’m supporting people in the homeland! =)

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8 Responses to pumped up kicks

  1. Timothy F. says:

    I like. Shiny. And yay made in the USA! I’ve been NB loyal for a long time for that same reason.

  2. Helen says:

    Oh! Thank You. Thank You. Made in the USA rules. And every purchase offsets a tiny piece of the U. S. Olympic uniforms that were made in China. AAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

  3. Becky says:

    Go, you. So far, nothing has been as good to my feet as Nikes. As a result, I’m currently in a shoe-impaired state, because I won’t buy them.

    They need to make in the USA and dump their sponsorship of the dog murderer. Then I might go back to them.

  4. ablueskyboy says:

    I buy new balance running shoes, because ~dramatic pause~ … I have wide feet ~sob~ ~queue random piano cords that don’t go anywhere because no-one plays the tragic violin these days~. Comparing new balance, rebok and nike, new balance running shoes are the only shoes that fit me. If I’m in the mood for skater shoes, I always have to buy arch inserts. I’ve been experimenting with crocks that look like skater shoes, and I’ve found that they are alright, but not something I would brag about. I do wear the crocks with the holes in them when I go tubing down river. I might even wear crocks as dress shoes if they can simulate that convincingly.

  5. marika says:

    I too am wide of foot … and also small of foot, so it is often a hard fit – the only tennis shoes i can find that really really fit are Danskin — and for casual Birkis and Betula … none of my shoes are made in the USA. And hey, I get the Croc thing, I am convinced that people that hate them have perfect “I can get my shoes anywhere” feet. I had a pair of croc opened toed sandals that were very comfortable … and only slightly hideous.

    In regards to the Olympic Committee – after they were so nasty to the knitters and then committed the uniform thing -fools!

  6. Josh H. says:

    New Balance shoes are the best! I’ve tried them all over the years, including Nike, and I always come back to New Balance. This November I’ll run my very first marathon (dear god, what have I gotten myself into?) and, you guessed it, I’ll be doing it in a pair of New Balance shoes. Enjoy!

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