enough is enough

Your lame made up words annoy me. “Tanorexic” makes no sense. An anorexic person denies themselves food, so calling someone “tanorexic” because they tan too much or too often makes little to no sense. “Guyliner” is ridiculous, because eyeliner is a cosmetic product that lines the eyes of anyone, male or female. A product that lines guys is called chalk. Police use it at murder scenes. “Kardashian” is an embarrassment. This is when entire groups of people forget or ignore the fact that their entire family’s fame hinges on one family member’s sex tape. Make it stop, people.

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12 Responses to enough is enough

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Wait, weren’t the Kardashians the main antagonists on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? http://www.tshirtbordello.com/Keeping-Up-With-The-Cardassians-T-Shirt

  2. Marika says:

    Guyliner is the name of a men’s make up line in the UK. They also make a concealer called Disguys … which I think is a pretty cute name, male or female. They do avoid calling mascara manscara though.

    I like making up words.

  3. Helen says:

    “Whatever sells” is the motto of new-word-maker-uppers. They don’t need to be intelligent or make sense! Kate told me a new word the other day and it still makes me chuckle: “Webinar”; definition, a group seminar held over the Web. I mean – really??????

    • Whenever they update the dictionary to add new words I cringe. The grumpy old man within is getting ever closer to the surface as the years pass.

      • Helen says:

        We shall rail against absurdities and be the keeper of the light!

        Banish the “grumpy old man inside”. Idiocy isn’t worth the price.

  4. ablueskyboy says:

    Yet (doh!) the end of blog-o-sphere is nigh… http://xkcd.com/1043/

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