OutSmart article is here

December’s OutSmart Magazine is out already. Wow, where the time go. There’s a nifty little article in it about Becky and me. I’m really psyched that they included us. (Thank you, Tim Brookover!)

The picture’s great, too. Isn’t my desk crazy? It’s all crammed with stuff. Right next to my hair, you can just make out Mercutio’s little urn. Merc is a lengendary kitty. Okay, he’s notorious. In the next little cubby is a blue candle with books behind them. Somehow, they’ve yet to catch fire. There are Timothy James Beck paperbacks in the next cubby, for reference, because I can’t remember EVERYTHING. Becky can, but I can’t. Above those is a wee Buddha. And then, there’s my PowerBook. Now y’all know what my work environment looks like. The behind the scene view.

But when I work, I face the other way.

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Timothy J. Lambert is allegedly a writer.
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