fen tuesday

Unfortunately, Rex’s ear is still healing and he’s not feeling very photogenic today. Fortunately, I had to transport a Scout’s Honor Rescue dog today and even though he was nervous about riding in the car, he posed for me at a stop light and stood in for Rex Tuesday. Which today will be Fen Tuesday. You can read about Fen here: http://goo.gl/0fDra.


Readers of my blog who take ginkgo biloba will remember that last October I drove to Rosenberg to pick up a very pregnant dog from somebody to take her to Richmond Animal clinic so she could safely give birth to her litter, and so we could then find homes for them. I did, she did, we did, and Fen is one of those pups. It was nice to see him on the outside looking so happy and healthy. He’s a good boy and needs a foster home. Tell your friends!

Fen 2

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4 Responses to fen tuesday

  1. marika says:

    fen looks very regal … aristocratic.

  2. Becky says:

    Fen is SHINY! I hope he finds a good foster/adoption home soon. =)

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