get the message

And now, a message from Pixie P. Lambert.

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Timothy J. Lambert is allegedly a writer.
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9 Responses to get the message

  1. RS Clark says:

    seriously, that is such a brilliant statement i’m going to write her in on the next presidential ballot.

  2. Amy Fagan says:

    Bella and I LOVED it! Bella had lots of comments – not sure if they were agreeing comments or disagreeing comments, but lots to say, still!

  3. Tom says:

    Obviously, she is saying “Put that camera down and play with me, you silly boy”. Or maybe she just wants to tell all the mean people to f*ck off. Sorry, that one is more likely me than her.

  4. Becky says:

    Dirty tricks! I swear I left a comment here. It said, “I agree.” I think Pixie’s enemies are “disappearing” her supporters.

  5. ablueskyboy says:

    That’s right Pixie, tell it like it t-i-t-i-t-i is…

  6. Jeffrey says:

    “And another thing….”

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