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From my email inbox:

Sorry in advance for the rather lengthy email, but we are again in dire need of fosters, funds and/or exposure. Unfortunately, a fact of rescue is that during the summer months we lose several awesome foster homes due to vacations, and adoptions are super slow as well. We have 30 AMAZING dogs currently in boarding that truly need to find foster or forever homes as soon as possible! Having each of these dogs in a foster home will help get them adopted much faster, and each could really use the stability and love of being in a home with human interaction as opposed to a kennel. All are just dying to be in a family that can give them special human attention and help them make a smooth transition to a home of their very own! Scout’s Honor can provide a crate, cover all medical, and can even help out with the food as needed–if requested, the foster can receive a tax deduction receipt from Scout’s Honor for all of his or her own documented expenses related to fostering–you just open your home to one of these needy babies. Also, even if you can’t commit very long, please consider temporarily fostering one of these cuties while we continue to look for their permanent homes. Any time outside of the kennel helps more than you know. Nothing increases the chances of these dogs getting adopted more than being in a foster home, even if you can only take them for a week or two.

So, here is a list of all of our awesome doggies in need of a foster home. Some of these poor babies have been in boarding for months! All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped.

Meet Luke! Luke is safe and off the mean streets of Houston thanks to friends of Corridor Rescue and Scout’s Honor Rescue. He was taken in by Scout’s Honor after living in squalor on the streets of Northeast Houston, and is in BIG TIME need of a foster or forever home. Poor Luke was apparently tied up and dumped by some horrible person and when we found him he was just sitting there as if to say, “Why on earth would someone just leave me here to fend for myself?” Poor boy was actually beat up on by some other stray dogs in the area and not being a “street-wise” boy, he was totally unable to fend for himself. Luke is a golden/yellow lab mix who is about 2-3 years old. He does great with other dogs and loves to play with them. He loves doggie daycare where he gets to play with the “big dogs.” He would be an awesome running partner as he loves to run. Luke is such a good dog who is just waiting for that special person to come along and give him a loving home and tell him that he will be safe and sound forever. Please consider opening your home and heart to Luke. He’s a healthy young man who deserves to be in a home and not a boarding facility!

Meet Rufus! Just look at him, what a handsome boy! Rufus is a Great Dane/lab mix who is about 2 yrs old, is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. Poor Rufus was turned into BARC (Houston pound) by his owner because they claimed they could not afford him anymore. Rufus sat at BARC for months and months and luckily for him Scout’s Honor pulled him out of there before he could be put to sleep. Rufus loves tennis balls and other toys and is just is a big baby. He has tons of energy and loves, loves to play. His best bud at the boarding facility he is at is a yellow lab mix that he loves to play with. He gets along with all other dogs and knows when he needs to be submissive. He’s so cute when he kneels down on his front legs to get down lower when a new dog comes around. He loves people too, but does take a few minutes to warm up initially. All you have to do is sit down by him and he will come right up to you, check you out, and once he knows you mean him no harm, he’s your friend forever. Oh, and did we mention he’s a total goofball?! He is such a sight when he’s drinking water out of a big bowl outside. He loves to put his whole head in the bowl. He’s such a sight to see – you won’t be able to help but smile! Poor Rufus has been in boarding for months and we would love to find him a great foster or forever home!

Meet Ronin, formerly known as Koolaide. His story is a sad one. For many years he was someone’s dog, and while he didn’t seem to have been taken care of very well, he was still someone’s dog and had a home. Well his owner died, and out of respect for the deceased, his family just turned him loose on the streets to fend for himself! (What a bunch of losers) Thankfully, the neighbor corralled him, but unfortunately he called BARC to pick him up, so I don’t know that you could call that a win for the dog since he immediately was sent to death row for euthanasia because of his poor condition. Luckily Scout’s Honor heard about him and stepped in to help in the nick of time. Here is where Ronin gets his new name for his new life. In feudal Japan when a Samurai’s master died, they became loners known as Ronin, who sometimes were known to seek out revenge for their master’s death. So, since Koolaide’s master died and he was turned loose to be on his own, we decided that this proud dog deserved a new name to start a new life, so Ronin it is. Well now Ronin is safe and sound and being cared for at our vet’s office. He has bad flea allergies and has scratched off a lot of fur, so he has been bathed and is on medicine to clear everything up. Poor Ronin’s teeth are in bad shape and when he looks at you and smiles it looks like an old man with his dentures out. But that smile is just too cute, and with his friendly personality, you just can’t help but want to cuddle with him and look into his gentle eyes. Ronin is a Chow Chow mix, is only about 44 lbs (underweight) and about 6-8 years old. While 6-8 years is not young, this proud boy still has a lot of life left in him. After the only owner he knew died and then he was marked to die as well, he deserves better! Please consider giving this guy a new lease on life, and he will never let you down.

Scotty’s foster mom has done a remarkable job in getting him healthy and he is now ready to find his forever home. Scotty is a full-blooded, 9-month old German Shepherd whose No.1 interest is waiting for squirrels, watching for squirrels and chasing squirrels… he probably even dreams about squirrels. He can’t wait to get into the backyard each morning to run around and look for squirrels. He also likes to practice trying to scale the fence to reach any squirrels sitting high up in the trees. He loves all kinds of toys, especially squeaky toys and stuffed animals. He loves to play all day with his smaller foster sister, but has to be reminded sometimes to play gently. He is approximately 45 lbs. and has lots of energy, enthusiasm and muscle. He has a very sweet disposition and really wants to please. He is also a very good watchdog but after all he is a shepherd. Like most German Shepherd dogs, he seems to do best when he has a job or duty to focus on, whether it is following his person, learning tricks or practicing agility training. Scotty is highly intelligent and a very quick learner. Within a few days, Scotty learned that if a pillow is over his foster mom’s head, he isn’t suppose to wake her up (even if it is 6 a.m. and the squirrels are out). He has also learned that even though he isn’t suppose to sleep on the bed, he can sneak up there around 5:00 a.m. when no one is awake to notice. In Scotty’s mind, being on the bed means he’ll be extra ready to get up and greet the day and his foster mom the moment she opens her eyes. Scotty would probably do better in an active home with another dog to play with and if there is a cat some work will need to be done as he has a very high prey drive. Since he is still a high-energy puppy and came to Scout’s Honor with no previous obedience training, he still needs consistent handling and reminders to bring out his best behavior. In his quiet moments, he enjoys being a lap dog and likes to curl up on the couch with his foster mom and get belly rubs. He is doing very well with his crate and potty training but he still has accidents occasionally. Overall, he is a very happy, spunky dog that is excited to finally be able to enjoy being a puppy. Scotty would prefer a home with no cats!

Friends, These cuties need a foster!!!! Blair is a sweet and gentle speckled Labrador mix. Her coat is shiny black and evidently she was well fed in her past life. She is about 3 years old and was recently turned in to the Laporte Animal Shelter with her husband and lover Mr. (Sweet) Clancy. Both are in need of foster homes and really are looking for another forever home. Their last home was lost due to economic reasons. Regardless, they are both looking forward and not backward. Just look at that big ol pink tongue and its ready to lick your face. Blair weighs about 70lbs and has been spayed, fully vetted and micro chipped. Her personality is beyond sweet. She loves her husband Clancy (but we think he loves her more) and if they could find a home together that would be super. If not, then that’s ok. Finding a home is the key objective here. Both Clancy and Blair are low maintenance; calm, sweet, quiet dogs. Clancy is one of the best basic brown dogs on the planet and he is so super sweet, passive and friendly. He was turned in to the Laporte Animal Shelter recently with his sister Blair. I believe the story line on this rescue is that they lost their home. Its a sad situation in today’s economy. As we transported Blair in to the vets office Clancy we bonkers trying to keep his eyes on her. It would be great if they could find a home together but if not, just finding a home is far better than the alternative. Mr. Clancy is a reddish brown shepherd mix and is approximately 3 years old. He is fully vetted, neutered and micro chipped. He weighs about 65lbs and very low maintenance. I dont believe I heard him bark once. As it appears in the photos, he is quite confused as to what’s going on. He loses his home, and gets tossed in to a shelter, then in the back of a Budget rental truck all in a short period of time. Won’t you please help Clancy find another safe haven by spreading the word.

Meet beautiful Bergie! Bergie is a Blue Lacy/Labrador/hound mix. Bergie is a gentle, loving girl with an intelligent, calm personality and striking black and tan markings. While she loves to play with other dogs and children at the local dog park, Bergie is primarily focused on her owner and is eager to please. She would do very well in dog sports such as obedience, agility, frisbee or fly ball but equally well as your walking or jogging companion. Loyal and loving, Bergie will make an excellent companion dog or family pet. She is that special dog that you only have once in a lifetime. Bergie was born on Oct. 6, 2010 and will probably weigh about 50 lbs. when full grown. Blue Lacys are the official state dog of Texas and the only breed to have originated in Texas. Originally bred to drive/herd cattle and hogs on Texas ranches, they are rumored to have originated from greyhound, scent hound and coyote stock. The book, Old Yeller, is said to have been based on a Blue Lacy. Gentle, energetic and easily trained, Lacys are highly prized for their intelligence and scent-trailing/herding abilities.

Handsome Barkley found himself outside a Wells Fargo building over 6 months ago and happily came inside when offered the chance! Barkley is a 3-4 year old love bug! We think he is a Hound mixed with American Bulldog (due to his size). He is full grown at 85 pounds! Barkley does great with other dogs and kids. He will play fetch until either you, or he, collapses. :) He can get a little jealous when other people want his toys, but he is working really hard on learning how to share!

Please meet sweet Sparkle! Sparkle was adopted from Scout’s Honor over 3 years ago, but the owners contacted us to let us know that they “can’t give her the attention she needs,” so they returned her to us. Poor Sparkle. She needs a foster ASAP! Sparkle is a retriever/dalmation mix, and she is just precious. Sparkle is housetrained and is not a fan of the outdoors (especially in the heat – but who can blame her, it is hot as h-e-double hocky sticks out there!). She has a lot of energy and LOVES to run. She is a sweet soul and loves kids of all ages. She loves to be loved on and babied. Sparkle knows basic commands and will follow them if she is awarded with treats. Sparkle loves to go on road trips and has recently discovered the beach! Sparkle is great with other dogs, but has to get to know them first. She is not a cat person, so no cats or other small animals! Sparkle does not like to be confined until she feels safe first, but I am sure with patience, she will learn. She also shouldn’t be left alone for long periods outside because she does not like to be without her humans. Sparkle will let you carry her around like a baby (all 50 pounds of her), and she is very smart and quick to learn new things. As you can see, she is a people dog and wants to be around her humans and given lots of loving! I can’t bear to think of what she is going through after being abandoned at the kennel, so please let us know if you can foster her!

Meet our cutie pie Bonnie. She’s a boxer mix who’s small at only 40 pounds and is around 2-3 years old. She was found running in the Heights with pup Clyde. She’s now safe, happy and healthy. She loves to play fetch and will do anything for her tennis ball. She’s got the smarts and the ability for agility training if that’s what you’re into. You could even teach her to fetch your paper in the morning. She’s playful and loves to play in the yard but is also content as a lap dog and loves to cuddle. She’s a real sweetheart and looking for a home to call her own. Bonnie’s great with kids and would do well in a home with older children.

Meet Stewie! Stewie is a sweet Border Terrier/Shepherd mix. He was picked up as a stray by BARC (Houston pound) and was due to be euthanized and we just couldn’t let that happen. We met Stewie right before Christmas 2010 when we picked up our little 3 legged dog Gracie. Stewie was in the kennel next to Gracie and was such a sweet boy and so handsome that we knew we had to help him. He has such a great personality and always looks happy. He’s great with kids (our volunteer who picked him up from the pound had her young daughter with her) and he does just fine with other dogs. He’s really just a great, happy-go-lucky kind of guy! He is a medium size dog and probably weighs about 40 or so pounds and about 2 years old. All he needs now is a home where he can relax. He would love to hang out with you and play, wouldn’t you want to help him?

Hello, I’m Jacob Dylan. I go by Jacob. I’m a Catahoula mix. I’m sure there is long story about my previous life, but the truth is, I don’t remember much. My new, slightly spoiled life, began with me being found tied to a tree. I was in fairly good health, but apparently not wanted where I was. To tell you the truth, it’s a ok by me. Since being with my foster dad and mom, I’ve learned the ropes to being a great dog: do your business outside, don’t chase the little dog, and go to the crate when it’s time to eat. Don’t let my tone throw you off, I’m very energetic and I enjoy being played with… a lot. I get along with everybody and dog that I meet. I really like being around my foster parents; they show me the love that I didn’t get before and they give me wonderful toys to chew on. I can be a great addition to an already dog friendly family, or be a single dog, I just enjoy the company any way I get it. Do I like running, does GEICO really save you 15%? I make a good partner to take on long walks for jogs around the neighborhood. If your looking for a buddy, I’m your guy.

Huggy Bear, also known as HB or Pluto, is such a sweet and sensitive little man and continues to improve as each day passes. The first 3 photos were taken in the middle of March 2011 and the last photo was the day that Scouts Honor Rescue sprung him from BARC. “HB” is a medium sized brindle German Shepherd weighing in around 30 pounds and still has some weight to put on as well as some hair growth. We thought we would start his marketing program since the vets have given him a clean bill of health. He is even Heartworm negative which is amazing considering the condition he was found in. He’s a fun, sweet, shy little man that has lots of play energy. He plays very well with his foster siblings and yes even the kitty cat likes him. When he runs, he looks like a little reindeer just and he prances around as if to say “look at me, I made it”. He’s built up some chest muscles and his overall skin condition is getting better day by day. When we first got him, his skin was in horrible condition but now his skin has firmed up and his hair is starting to shine—he no longer looks 90 years old but age appropriate at around 1 year old. A nice healthy diet with some cheese sprinkles from time to time is not only yummy but good for this young man. His teeth have been cleaned but there was a small amount of damage from malnutrition. He walks nicely on a leash and works hard to restrain his excitement. When his foster dad visits with neighbors on their daily walks, he will just sit quietly waiting for his “let’s go” command. Again, low maintenance is one of his biggest attributes. As you can see in his photos, he is a passive type of dog that will generally do the drop and role when approached for petting—-he loves his belly rubs. He was even shy of the camera but his shyness is lessening as he continues to improve. He loves his trips to the dog park and that’s when the prancing really shines thru. He plays well with all dogs, cats and humans alike. He is ready to find his forever home so your assistance in this regard is truly appreciated. HB is kennel trained, potty trained and knows his sit command. He seems to be one smart cookie.

Meet Titus: I’m named after a Roman Emperor who was both a warrior and loved by his people. I walk around with my head held high and tail wagging, almost nothing gets in my way. I enjoy sleeping in my Royal Chamber (crate), and I like to be on a schedule. I’m house-trained and crate-trained. I get along great with other dogs, I don’t always have to be the alpha dog. I also really like kids, I’m shy at first, but quickly come around. I’m still learning leash manors and basic commands, but I’m coming along nicely. I’m a year old and about 50 lbs, a lab mix and a total stud in my tuxedo!

Meet darling Kibbles! Kibbles is an approximately 3.5-to-4-month-old little bitty brindle scruffy terrier mix (whew! Say THAT 10 times fast). The poor baby was found as a stray and taken to BARC. As you can see by the “before” picture, this poor little guy was in awful shape. One can only guess what he had been through. We rescued him right from death row—literally. He was in the “employees only” section heading for euthanasia. Scout’s Honor rescued him at 7 weeks old, and as you can see by the “now” pictures, he has blossomed into a precious, healthy pup. Kibbles has doubled his weight and size in the past 2 1/2 months. He now weighs 17 pounds, which should lead him to at most 35 pounds when fully grown. Kibbles gets along great with other dogs. He will play with great enthusiasm, and at night, he tries to crawl into his 4-legged foster brother’s crate when it is time for bed. He’s never met a dog he didn’t like! Kibbles is a bit of a barker when he gets scared, but we are working on that. We are sure when he feels completely safe and secure, that will dissipate. He responds well to a sharp “No!” and will stop barking. Kibbles is a loving, cuddly, happy, healthy guy. When he is not playing with other dogs, Kibbles will climb up on the couch and curl up beside his foster mom and take a nap. Kibbles is both crate trained and house trained—no accidents in well over a month. And he knows some basic commands: comes to his name, “back,” “stay,” “go to bed,” and foster mom is working on “off.” He can walk on a leash, but it’s more like bouncing around on a leash while going in the right direction. (Hehe. His foster mom said that, and it made me laugh out loud.) Unfortunately, Kibbles foster mom is going out of the country for a month, so KIBBLES NEEDS A FOSTER HOME, if not a permanent one.

Meet Chloe! Chloe was surrendered by her owners at a local shelter at the beginning of this year. She is a 2 ½ year old Presa Canario & weighs in at a comfy 145 pounds! Chloe was pretty stressed at the shelter having never been confined before. Now that she has been at one of our vets for a few months, she is doing much better. She loves to run around outside and play catch-me-if-you-can. When she is tired, she will head back to the door to let you know that she is ready to go back inside. She takes treats ever so gently from you and is fabulous on a leash!
Chloe would do best as an only dog or with other larger dogs. I would say closer to her size, but there aren’t a ton of dogs this big. So let’s just say other big dogs & an experienced Mastiff owner. Chloe is fully vetted and just missing a foster home or forever home!

Meet sweet Papo. Papo is a precious brindle mix who REALLY needs a foster home after all he has been through—and it is a lot (so be patient with the long email). In the past couple of years, Scout’s Honor has taken in two small litters of puppies from a particular volunteer. You may remember the last set—the “Tater Tot Pups.” Well, after we took in the Tater Tot Pups, we realized that they were babies of the same momma, daddy, and grand-momma, who have been living on the streets for YEARS (not days, not weeks, not months, but ALL of their lives). About this time, the weather was getting really cold, so we hired a humane animal recovery service to trap them for us (our trapping efforts and those of our volunteers were getting us nowhere). Well, momma (now known as “Mamo”) and daddy (now known as “Papo”) were trapped pretty quickly. We are still trying to get grand-momma. Papo is an amazing dog. Besides his smarts and resilience that kept him alive for so long on the streets, he is a trip of a dog with tons of character. He lived near a train track, and when the trains would go by, he would sit beside the tracks and howl the entire time. What a sight! We set out about getting Mamo first (because she was the one having all of the babies), but when our trapper Doug was out there with the trap, Mamo wanted nothing to do with him. The same could not be said for Papo. Although our volunteer had not seen Papo for months and when she had, Papo avoided all attempts to trap him, when Doug set the trap up this last time, Papo walked right in and lay down. He wanted to be saved. And for good reason—we got Papo to the vet, and he was deathly ill. So ill, the vet did not think he would survive the night. But lots of love, fluids, and food later, here he is! Papo is a great boy who has spent far too much time on the mean streets of Houston. He is a little bit scared but never aggressive and is making such big strides to become what will be an awesome boy. He is incredibly sweet, and as you pet him, he looks like he is saying, “This is okay, yep this is pretty good,” then he looks at you baffled by how you, a human, turned out to be good thing. He is a very special boy to be able to trust so quickly. Papo is doing okay in boarding but would do so much better with a foster or forever home that could spend time with him every day, teaching him that life is supposed to be good and full of love. He already goes potty on leash, which is amazing for a dog who might not have ever had one on before. He will do his best to be a good boy. He just needs someone to believe in him and the reward will be yours as you get to see this boy turn into the dog he was always meant to be. Our vet guesses he is between 6-8 years old.

Deuce was rescued from under an unoccupied house along with his 5 siblings. The momma was so afraid of her family being torn apart by unknown humans, she guarded them with her life. But Scout’s Honor volunteers knew if the pups started wandering from the safety of under the house, they would eventually be running the streets and who knows what could happen then. We didn’t even want to think about it! Deuce and one of his brother’s, Oaks, are now safe in their foster home. They are so much fun to watch, playing on the porch, splashing in their little wading pool, not a care in the world. Deuce surprised his foster mom one day when he was no more than a month and a half old. He started playing fetch with her; she threw a toy several feet away and he ran to pounce on it and return it for another throw. Deuce has found other interests over the weeks, but his fetching instincts are definitely intact. Deuce has a quiet loving side too. He will sit quietly on his foster mom’s lap watching his brother be silly and seem to savor the moment giving a little kiss on the hand. Deuce is a lab mix who’s about 9 months old and is ready for his forever home. He will probably grow to be a medium size dog of between 30 and 40 lbs. All he wants is a place to call his home forever where he can keep cuddling and fetching all day long.

Pinky -Over a month ago we witnessed three puppies that were dumped up at the lake. More amazing is how many people looked the other way as they wandered around lost and wondering what just happened. Luckily, Scout’s Honor reps were there and these 3 cuties are now looking for immediate foster or permanent homes! They look to be Red Heeler puppies, approximately 3 months old and roughly 15lbs each. They are super cute and playful – typical puppies. There are two girls and one boy. Polly has already been adopted and Mac is in a foster home, but Pinky is looking for a foster or forever home!

Meet Dixie! Dixie was rescued a couple of weeks ago from an area shelter where she had come in as a stray. Dixie has been living the good life ever since in her awesome foster home! She is a black and tan German Shepherd who is approximately 2 years old and 65 pounds. She still is very much a puppy and loves to play with her 4-legged foster brother who is a happy lab. Dixie’s foster family says she is as sweet as they come and loves everyone she meets. We don’t think Dixie has always met the kindest people, but she is quickly learning that most people will be good to her. She lives with other dogs and kids and can’t get enough of either of them. She loves to put her front paws down, butt in the air and bounce with excitement when she sees you after being gone. Dixie is house trained and crate trained and looking for the perfect home to set down some roots! She gets pretty excited about cats and feel she would do best in a cat-free home.

Poor little Pounce was abandoned several months ago with others from her family. But those days are far behind her now and not even a thought as she pounces around at doggie daycare with her brother and friends. Pounce loves all other dogs and has moved up to be able to play with the big dogs. And, boy does she LOVE to play. She is working on her leash skills and general manners, after all she is still just a pup. She would probably do best with a playmate (of at least medium size), as this is what she has known her whole life. Pounce is crate trained and potty trained, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Jiggs and other members of his family were abandoned several months ago, but no worries. Jiggs has been having a wonderful time at doggie daycare with his sister and all his new friends. He is great with other dogs and loves to play, but he also has a sensitive, cuddly side. So hugs and cuddles are a must in this little boy’s life. He is currently working on his leash skills and general manners. After all, he is still a just a pup and never had a real home. Jiggs has been with other dogs his whole life so he would be great as a 2nd or even third dog, or would at least need frequent trips to the doggie park or a doggie daycare so that he has plenty of canine social time. He is crate-trained and potty trained, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

Libby lost her foster home due to a family emergency that has taken her foster mom out of town. Now our sweet girl is back in boarding and we would really love to get her into a new foster home. Meet darling Libby! Scout’s Honor pulled this sweet girl from BARC just hours before they were going to euthanize her. Look at her cute floppy ears! Libby is a cute little brindle whatchmacallit. She is only about 25 pounds and full grown at approximately 2 years old. She definitely needs to gain a little weight, but is still the perfect lap-dog size. Libby has a sad story. She was found as a stray and then just languished at BARC. She is safe now and in a wonderful foster home! She had been kenneled for so long and now she is ready to find her forever home. Her foster mom just loves her and sings her praises. She plays very well with her Pekinese foster brother and does great on her daily walks. We believe she is now 100% potty trained also. Libby is very laid back and sweet. She is just a big cuddle bunny and is good with other dogs. She’d probably be good with cats too!

Meet Jolie! Jolie is an adorable 2 year old spayed female terrier mix who is about 40-45 pounds. This poor girl had been at BARC since 1/28/10 when Scout’s Honor rescued her in mid-April. You know she is special if she made it there for so long. When the volunteer showed up to get her, the employee she spoke to yelled through the wards “Jolie is getting out” and employees came running to tell her goodbye. One employee even knelt down, held her tight and said with tears in his eyes “I knew we would get you out. I knew it.” Their reaction to Jolie’s being saved was a great testament to who this little girl is. On her ride to the vet clinic, she was a perfect angel with her front paws in the driver’s lap but she never put her head down. Instead she leaned in and gave occasional gentle licks of thanks. She was very happy to see other dogs at the vet and was sweet to everyone. Well, Jolie is doing great and thriving in her foster home. She loves to play and gets along great with other dogs of all sizes and all people. Her best bud is a little dog and she plays great with him. She’s house-trained and well behaved. She also loves to go on walks and jogs with her foster mom. Jolie is just the perfect girl and how can you resist those ears!

Leela – 8 year old Red/ White Pit. Owner surrender, they were having a baby…ugh. She is sweet, good with other dogs, already spayed. Has lost some weight from being at the shelter so long & could use a foster sooner rather than later. These senior dogs are the easiest ones to foster and make the best pets. They just want to be at your feet and get a little head pat. I mean- who can really surrender their dog of 8 years?? I am still amazed after years of doing this. PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING HER!

Niki is losing her current foster home! She’s a 5 year old, 50 lbs, Staffordshire terrier mix who gets along well with dogs and kids of all ages. Niki is house-trained and crate-trained. She minds the rules very well and stays off the furniture. She loves to twist and turn in the morning when she sees you. She’s gentle and loves to eat treats right out of your hand. She knows to sit and loves to go to the dog park and play with her doggie friends. She enjoys belly rubs and having her head and ears scratched and being loved on too. She is extremely LOYAL. She is quite the sweetheart and loves to give kisses and just loves being with her humans. Niki loves to chase squirrels in the backyard or watch them through the window so we don’t think she would do well in a home with cats, they are just too much fun to chase but she gets a long great with other dogs, even small dogs.

Ralphie is losing his foster home because his foster mom is moving! Ralphie is a Diamond in the Ruff! He has a wonderful disposition and gets along with the rowdiest of pups. He plays and runs around with enthusiasm outside. Inside he is an angel and lays quietly sprawled out on the floor. When he wants attention, he sits near you and wags his tail patiently. If he is not acknowledged soon enough, he softly puts a paw on your leg or foot. His kisses are soft and gentle. He is hands down one of the best pups! Ralphie’s a little guy at only about 43 pounds. He has a good temperament and would love to meet you. He’s a little shy at first, but warms up pretty quickly and his tail just starts wagging. Won’t you consider letting him share your home with you so he can get the love and attention he deserves.

Meet Hot Dog! Hot Dog is one super cool dude! Hot Dog looks like a miniature Rottweiler, or as we like to call him, a “Pocket Rott”. He would love to share your home and promises to give you kisses to. He rides great in the car and gets along just fine with other dogs. He’s also just fine around kiddos. Hot Dog is just precious at 48lbs. He’s only about 2-3 years old, so he has his whole life ahead of him to forget his crappy beginnings!

Can’t foster? You CAN still be a HUGE help in finding foster or forever homes for these precious babies! Here’s how: (1) consider featuring these great dogs on your Facebook page, MySpace, twitter or personal web page; (2) post them on your work bulletin boards, homeowner’s websites, favorite blogs, create a flier of them and post in the lunch room or anywhere else they can get some good exposure; and (3) forward to all of your friends, family, co-workers and ask them to forward so that they get as much exposure as possible–it just takes one person falling in love with with one of these babies to change their life forever!

Also, it’s very expensive to pay to kennel and care for these doggies, so please also consider making a tax deductible donation at to help with their care! Just go to the “Donate” tab and you can make an online donation, or you can send a check made payable to Scout’s Honor Rescue to 1302 Waugh Dr., #245, Houston 77019.

Another way to help is to sponsor a Scout’s Honor dog or cat! All you have to do is send us an email to with “Monthly Sponsor” in the subject line and, in the body of the email, indicate the amount to which you are willing to commit and the dog(s) or cat(s) you would like to sponsor. That amount can be as little as $10 a month if that is all you have to spare or as much as $1 million (hey, we are allowed to dream, aren’t we!). That’s all it takes! Then, each month, we will send you a quick email reminder to either click on our donation link or to send in a tax-deductible donation.

Finally, consider taking one of these sweeties home for the weekend or run up to the kennel to take them to the park or for a little outing, it will mean the world to them and promise it will make you feel good too!

Unfortunately, until we are able to find foster homes and/or find forever homes for some of the great dogs and cats in our program, we are unable to help other homeless dogs/cats in dire need. We are working hard to accomplish this, but cannot do it without your help!!

Please contact Dana at if you can help! And please don’t forget to circulate!

Scout’s Honor Rescue

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