accident (original mix)

I was giving Hanley a bath when I burped loudly. She said, “Tasty!” Gee, I wonder where she picked up that one? Yeah, it’s something I always say after I burp, thinking I’m so cute. If Hanley is any indication, I’m right. It was pretty cute when she said it. Especially since she pronounces it “tayshtee.”


The Big H loves ambulances, so it was extremely easy to teach her the following exchange:

Me: What does mommy chase?
Hanley: Ambulance!

Her mother is a lawyer. Luckily, she thinks it’s funny. Like any top executive, Hanley has taken to wondering where everybody is during the day and will ask, “Where Daddy?” “Daddy is in Boston on a business trip. He’ll come back.” “Where Chris?” (Her half-brother.) “Chris is in Wisconsin, eating Triscuits.” “Where Mommy?” “Mommy is downtown, fighting crime.” At the words “fighting crime,” Hanley will clench her fists and imitate the Incredible Hulk. Sometimes she’ll finish by punching the air with her fist and yelling, “HEEYA!” I’ll try to get a video. The funny part is that her mother is actually a corporate attorney. Whether or not she’s actually fighting crime depends on which bench you’re behind.

Speaking of videos, above, please find a video that Lindsey took a while ago of Hanley having margaritas at Cafe Adobe and playing with a balloon with Rhonda, America’s Lesbian. The video turns sideways midway through. The planet must’ve tilted sideways, or something.

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7 Responses to accident (original mix)

  1. rhondarubin says:

    The video contained such awesomeness and sweetness, it weighed down the lower left corner of the video, causing it to tilt.

    Disclaimer: I am, too, evil!

  2. smoness says:

    I love that I’m telling Hanley to “Get’er!” like I’m talking to one of the dogs. This is why I don’t have children.

    • I do that, too. I’m constantly catching myself calling to her like a dog. “C’mere, Hanley! C’mere!” All while clapping my hands or snapping my fingers at her. Fortunately, her mom does it, too.

  3. davidpnyc says:

    You can hear me in the background, but the reason I wasn’t on camera was because I was moving all the margaritas to safety. (Starting with my own!)

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