cold hearted

Becky and I went to see a movie today. I asked her to go, so I paid for the tickets, which were almost twenty dollars. Becky paid for the concessions, which were almost as much as the tickets. I don’t see how teenagers can afford to go out on dates anymore. No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies. Condoms are cheaper, kids! Anyway, halfway through the movie I was wishing I’d thought to wear jeans, rather than shorts. I also wished I’d brought a hoodie. It was freakin’ cold in there! You could’ve hung meat in that theater. As it was, mine was shrinking back up into my body. The movie was good, though. And the popcorn, excellent.

Because of all this, I’ve selected Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” as my start-up song for the week.

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  1. Paula Abdul, ha ha ha ha! Still cracks me up.

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